Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are the ones sent out by couples to their guests that gives the guests important things about the wedding.

First of all, the style of the invitation usually gives a clue about the wedding’s motif. If it’s green and gold, for example, it would be safe to say that those should be the type of colors worn by the wedding sponsors.


The place and time of the wedding can also be found inside the invitation. If the place is unfamiliar, couples will usually provide a map and the directions on how to get to the venue.

Also, invitations serve to limit the number of guests and a way for the couple to determine how many guests will actually arrive. An RSVP is normally included in the invitation so that guests can confirm their presence during the celebration.

The printing of wedding invitations should be planned several months in advance. At least two months should be devoted for this one.

First of all, the printing of invitations may take at least a month depending on the workload of the company who will print it. Couples too, would still have to canvas for a good company that provides a reasonable price and turnaround time.

Aside from printing, couples will still have to send them out to their guests. While there are some invitations that they can send personally, there are those that need to be mailed. So time is an important factor in having wedding invitations. The large bulk of the wedding depends on the humble invitation letter.

Buying the Perfect Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are one of the most important considerations that the bride and groom must make. Wedding invitations give guests all of the information they need in order to make plans to attend the wedding. Without these, there will be no guests.

There are several places to purchase wedding invitations. Many other wedding vendors will also sell wedding invitations as a courtesy to their customers. This may sound appealing because it is one-stop shopping, but it may cost a lot more than the bride and groom have budgeted. Instead, the bride and groom should look through the invitation books and choose what they feel is right for them. Then, they should take that knowledge and look on the Internet for the same wedding invitations or something comparable. These will likely be much less expensive for the exact same product.

When purchasing wedding invitations online, it is essential that the bride and groom have their wedding invitation wording decided and spelled correctly. Examples of popular wedding invitation wording are available on most web sites that sell wedding invitations. The bride and groom may choose one of these or write their own. Either way, it is important for the bride and groom to make sure that all of the information is correct and spelled correctly.

The bride and groom should choose wedding invitations that convey the theme of their wedding whether it is simple colours or a beach theme wedding. This will give guests an idea of how formal the occasion will be and how to dress appropriately.

It is customary to send out the wedding invitations roughly six to eight weeks prior to the wedding. This is early enough to give guests that chance to save the date for the wedding, but also to give the guests time to respond and the bride and groom the time to finish their planning. They must set a date for the guests to respond by in order to have a complete headcount for their wedding.

The bride and groom will need to decide whether or not to include the reply information on the wedding invitations or to include a reply card with the invitation. These are all important considerations when purchasing the wedding invitations online.

These wedding invitations will give all of the guests the information they need to attend the wedding. This makes it imperative that the bride and groom give this aspect of their wedding planning the necessary attention. Luckily, it is one of the easier planning tasks, but must be done correctly.

Purchasing wedding invitations online is a wonderful way to save money while still sending guests the same quality invitations that can be purchased through other vendors. Wedding planning is stressful but fun, and the wedding invitations are no exception!

Great tips on Wedding Invitations

One of the most important things whenever somebody wants to get married is to have a complete line-up of the couple’s guests. Along with this preparation is the creation of wedding invitations that should reflect your earnest desire to invite those you want to be present on your very special day.

For so many years now, it has long been a part of the tradition that wedding invitations should be distributed so that the people will know that they are invited. It also makes them feeling special because of the fact that the couple had included them as their guests.

Today, wedding invitations need not be the usual unfussy cards that our ancestors had long been using. The concept of the modern wedding invitations lies on the premise that they are a part of the wedding and any neglected details of the invitation would reflect how haphazard the wedding plans were made.

So, for people who wish to know some useful tips regarding wedding invitations, here are some of pointers that you may use.

1. Use a reply card with your wedding invitation.

In reality, the main reason of creating and giving out wedding invitations is to approximately determine the number of guests that will attend on your wedding day. Hence, it would be better for if you place a reply card along with the invitation card. In this way, you will get to know the estimated number of guests that you will be expecting.

2. Specify on the wedding invitation what type of occasion you will use.

In most cases, weddings are formal events. However, there are instances wherein the couples prefer informal celebration. So, it is best to specify exactly what type of celebration will be imposed.

Moreover, it is also important to specify the dress code so that the guests will know if they need to comply or not as far as clothing is concerned.

3. For smaller wedding, it is best to have the wedding invitations personalized.

In cases where the wedding celebration entails only quite a few numbers of guests, it would be better to make your own wedding invitation.

Usually, wedding invitations are more expensive and requires the least number of orders. So, if you would not be ordering a lot, then, it would be better to make your own wedding invitation.

4. For a more innovative look, choose the colors you will use with your wedding invitation.

White will always be the color of the wedding and will never go out of style. However, because of the continuous change that technology is bringing us, it is best to try some bright colors that will reflect your personality or your partner.

The key point is not to use one color but a conglomeration of all the bright colors you can use.

5. Choose a design that will best reflect your taste or your partner’s personality.

Before, wedding invitations come in the traditional rectangular adorned with laces and flowers. It has been deemed as good design for so many years now but the fact remains the same: it is dull and lifeless.

What you need to present them is the beauty of life that you and your partner had agreed to cherish forever. Hence, it is strongly recommended to come up with a modern designs embedded with pure beauty.

Boiled down, wedding invitations are not just mere invitations that you usually have in your other occasions like birthday party or victory party. Wedding invitations are ways of inviting somebody whom you want to be a part of your wonderful moment with your partner.

As they say, wedding invitations are not just papers, they are the breath of the couple’s desire to tell the whole world how much they love each other, and they want their guests to witness that.

Informal Wedding Invitations

Writing invitations for informal weddings is a bit different than invitations for more formal ones. Since we have encountered many that have struggled to piece their invite together, we have provided some tips on writing an informal wedding invite below.

Does “keep it simple stupid” ring a bell? Well, KISS couldn’t be more applicable to informal wedding invites. Most people forget that they have to include a significant amount of information in their invites and thus proceed to cram it with useless junk. Overcrowding your invite is one of the worst things you can do. Not only may you confuse guests, but you may also encourage them to gloss over important information. Find a special quote or an excerpt from a poem, select a place for it in your invite and wrap up the process. There’s no need to add additional reading material.

While addressing your potential guest in the invite, feel free to use lower diction wording – just don’t exaggerate. You want to avoid using slang words or any other words that could be considered inappropriate.

Finally, don’t focus too much attention on the small details. Many people spend days trying to decide whether a particular part of their informal invite needs to be capitalized or italicized. These types of things aren’t important to us. If we were writing a more formal invite, we would dedicate much more attention to these smaller details.

As a final reminder, be sure to mail out your invitations several weeks prior to your wedding. You don’t want to procrastinate on the wedding invitation process and have the invites mailed out a mere week before the wedding. You need to give your guests plenty of notice before you hold your wedding. Otherwise, you may find that attendance is minimal. Get working on your invites as quickly as possible to ensure that everyone on your guest list makes it to your wedding.

Selecting Your Wedding Invitations

Invitations are the first thing your guests will see to represent your wedding, and although it’s not an area where you want to spend too much, it is a place to make a statement. Here’s what you need to know about wedding invitations.

The actual invitation should set the tone of your wedding and match the color and theme. Whether it’s an ultra formal affair or a backyard barbecue, your invitation should reflect that. Many couples include monograms or logos that are repeated other places in the wedding and reception as well.

A stationer can print more than just wedding invitations. You can get reply cards, reception cards, thank you cards, wedding programs, menus, and place cards. If you order them all at once, you can not only get a discount, but can make sure they coordinate well together. This takes planning, but is a good way to save time and money.

You should order all of your cards three or four months before the wedding to allow time for corrections if necessary. This also leaves you extra time to address all the invitations. Order extras of everything, especially invitations and envelopes. You’ll need extra for mistakes or last minute guest list additions.

When you get the proof version of your invitation and enclosure cards, read them carefully, and then read it again! Have someone else read it to make sure you aren’t overlooking an error. Check all spelling, dates, times, and locations. Making corrections after invitations have been printed is very costly.

Traditionally invitations should be hand addressed rather than printed from a computer. You can hire a calligrapher to address envelopes if you have the budget for it, or have fun by scheduling a party to assemble and address invitations. Take a complete invitation to the post office ahead of time to have it weighed to attach the right amount of postage.

Invitations should be mailed about six weeks before the wedding. Selecting invitations you love and mailing them to your guests will begin to create a sense of anticipation, so they will be eager to see what other beautiful things you have in store.

The Definitive Guide to Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are one of the most important purchases that the bride and groom will make during the wedding planning process. This guide to wedding invitations will make the process that much easier for the couple.

Finding the perfect wedding invitations is not going to be difficult. The best way to search for these invitations is online since the options are unlimited. The bride and groom should have already chosen their colour scheme and theme if there will be one. The wedding invitations should reflect this theme and colour scheme and set the atmosphere for the wedding. Guests will know whether the event is going to be formal or casual just by the invitations that the bride and groom choose. This is important so that all guests dress appropriately and are prepared for the event.

Tips For A Smoother And Happier Wedding

There is certain information that must be included on the wedding invitations. The first is the names of those who are hosting the wedding if the bride and groom are not doing it themselves. The full names of the bride and groom should also be included. This is so that distant relatives and even unknown family friends will be able to address the cards and gifts properly. The wedding invitations should also include the date, time, and location of the ceremony. If the reception is at a much later time or different location, then this information should be included on the wedding invitations as well. The guests will need all of this information in order to plan for their trip to the wedding.

In addition to the wedding invitations, the guests will need a way to respond. This information can be included directly on the invitation or the bride and groom can include a reply card with the invitation. The reply cards provide all of the information that the bride and groom will need to finalise some of the details of the wedding. The reply card should include lines for the guests to include their names, whether they will be attending the wedding or not, how many people are in their party, and their meal choice if one is offered. The reply card should include a self-addressed, stamped envelope so the guests can easily return them. All of this information is crucial to the bride and groom.

There are some additions that the bride and groom may choose to add to the wedding invitations. One of the simplest but most beautiful additions is to add liners to the envelopes. These liners are available in so many colours that the bride and groom can choose ones that will match the color scheme they have chosen. The bride and groom may also choose to have their return address printed on the envelopes. This saves time and costs little money. If the wedding is going to be an elegant, formal event, then the bride and groom should add a tissue paper overlay on top of the wedding invitations. Each of these additions will make the wedding invitations that much more special.

If the bride and groom follow this guide to wedding invitations, then it should be one of the easiest decisions for the couple to make.

The Importance of Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are extremely important to the wedding planning process. This is how the bride and groom communicate with their guests. This makes it imperative that all of the necessary information is conveyed to the guests and that the guests also have a way to respond to the couple. This does not need to be a stressful decision for the bride and groom as long as they have all of the necessary information included with their wedding invitations.

The necessary information that needs to be included on the wedding invitations is all of the information that the guests will need to make plans to attend the wedding. This includes, the date, time, and location of the ceremony. If the reception is at a later time or different location then this information should be included as well. The full names of the bride and groom should be included so that distant relatives and family friends will be able to properly address cards and gifts. If someone other than the bride and groom is hosting the wedding, then they should be acknowledged on the wedding invitations. All of this information is imperative to include on the invitations.

In addition to providing the necessary information, the wedding invitations also need to convey the overall atmosphere of the event. This means that whether the event is casual or formal, the wedding invitations should reflect this. If the bride and groom have chosen a special theme, then this is an excellent way to incorporate it into the wedding planning. By subtly conveying the overall tone of the wedding, guests will know what to expect at the wedding and will also dress appropriately. This will save them embarrassment from wearing a gown to a casual wedding.

The bride and groom need to give a lot of information to their guests through the wedding invitations, but the guests also need to be able to contact the bride and groom to reply to the invitation. This means including a reply card with the wedding invitations. These cards should include a space for the guest’s name, whether or not they will be attending the wedding, how many people will be attending, and any dietary requirements. The bride and groom will need all of this information in order to finalise many of their wedding details. The reply cards should include a self-addressed, stamped envelopes for the guests to return.

In addition to the wedding invitations and reply cards, the bride and groom should include special information for out of town guests. This could be a simple print out that outlines local area attractions, the best restaurants, and hotels. This will help those guests plan their trip and is a wonderful courtesy.

Wedding invitations are a necessary part of wedding planning. As long as the bride and groom are prepared with all of the pertinent information, then this is also one of the easiest aspects of wedding planning.

Wedding Etiquette: Invitations

Some couples think that wedding invitations are not that important. They think that a wedding invitation it is just a piece of paper that they give out to their wedding guest which will be forgotten afterwards.

This is wrong. In fact there is a wedding etiquette even on invitations. This is because wedding invitations give your guests a preview on how your wedding will be celebrated. They will know through wedding invitations what they would wear so they would not commit a violation in wedding etiquette for clothing and dress, and they would know how formal or informal the event may be so they wold know what to expect in the wedding reception.

Also, well made wedding invitations will give a lasting impression on your wedding. Your guests will remember you even through your just your wedding invitation.

Here are some information on wedding etiquette on invitations:

— Wedding Etiquette On Invitations Fact 1:

Who should be inviting? Wedding etiquette on invitation is not very rigid. Before, if the father of the bride hosts the wedding, he should be the only person who would do the inviting. But today, couples honor their parents and let them do the inviting and if the couples themselves will fund their own wedding.

Wedding etiquette can now be bent on this matter.

— Wedding Etiquette On Invitations Fact 2:

When to send invitations?

Wedding etiquette on sending out of invitations must be done four to six weeks before the wedding day. But for couples who prepare their wedding one or two years ahead. Then can send out a save a date invititation since many things will be changed along the way. This is also true for couples who want a wedding with wedding destination theme. Wedding etiquette makes it clear that invitations must be sent out earlier than four to six weeks, in fact even six months ahead, so that the guests can make their own hotel reservations ahead of time

But remember, the save a date card is not yet the proper invitation. It is a violation of wedding etiquette to replace a proper wedding invitation with a save a date card. Save a date card just serve as an initial announment about your upcoming wedding. You should give your guests the courtesy to inform them of the exact venue of wedding celebration and reception, the attire and the date and time.

— Wedding Etiquette On Invitations Fact 3:

Remove the tissues that come with engraved invitations. These tissues ar meant to protect the paper from getting ink smudges before the invitation are delivered at your doorstep. It is a wedding etiquette no-no to include them in your invitation. It will ruin the look of your wedding invitation.

— Wedding Etiquette On Invitations Fact 4:

On the issue of registry cards, wedding etiquette on invitation is very clear that registry cards should not be included in the invitation. You may indicate that you have an online registry if you have any and you can ask your guests to visit your online registry. But its a wedding etiquette on invitation blunder if you insert your wedding registry cards. Remember that gifts should always come as a surprise, pleasant or not?

— Wedding Etiquette On Invitations Fact 5:

Forget RSVP cards. Your guests are adults and should know how to respond to an invitation. There is also wedding etiquette for guests in anwering invitations. They should respond to a formal or informal wedding invite as soon as they get them and response should not be later than two weeks before the wedding.

What to Include with Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations is one of the most important decisions that a bride and groom need to make when planning their wedding. Wedding invitations are often the first contact made between the bride and groom and their guests. This makes it important to make sure that all of the necessary items are included.

The first consideration is obviously the wedding invitations themselves. These should include the day, date, time and location of the wedding. It should also include the names of the bride and groom and the names of whoever is hosting the wedding if different than the bride and groom. If there is a reception following the ceremony, then this location should be included as well. The wedding invitations should match the overall tone and colour scheme of the wedding. This will alert the guests as to what to expect at the wedding, whether it is a formal or casual affair.

It is imperative to include reply cards within the envelope. This is just as important as the wedding invitations. This card will need to have spaces that the guest can use to fill in their name, whether or not they are attending the wedding, and the number of people who will be attending in their party. These reply cards should have a self-addressed, stamped envelope included for the guests to return. These reply cards are imperative to include with the wedding invitations.

Wedding invitations should also include information for out of town guests who will need to make travel arrangements for the wedding. The bride and groom should make sure to book a block of rooms at a local hotel. The hotel will likely give a discount. This information should then be included with the wedding invitations so that guests can take advantage of the lower rate as well as book their trip in advance.

The wedding invitations may need to include information about the reception if it is at a different location than the ceremony or at a later time. This would include the location of the reception, time, and directions to the reception site. This does not need to be anything as fancy as the wedding invitations, but is necessary for guests to have this information prior to the wedding.

There are special extras that can be included with wedding invitations in order to make them more elegant and appealing. This includes the traditional piece of tissue paper overlay on top of the wedding invitations or other embellishments. These additional touches will complete the look of the invitations and envelopes.

Wedding invitations are a lot of fun to choose. It is at this time that many brides and grooms really feel connected and reality of the wedding sets in. It becomes truly exciting!


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