Different Types of Cake Decorating

Cake decorating is among the most popular sugar arts in which a combination of icing and decorative elements are used to create intricate cakes, especially more aesthetically appealing ones. Alternately, cakes can also be sculpted and shaped to look like three-dimensional objects, animals and people. It takes some practice to perfect this art as it requires patience, dedication and the ability to create beautiful results without much effort.

Cake decorating can be done with simple designs, which are called cookie cakes. These designs are usually small in size with no decorations and are often served cold. To make a cookie cake, you need to mix dry flour and baking powder together. Once they are combined, add milk to the mix so that it won’t boil, and then gradually add in sugar and oil until the mixture forms a stiff dough. You can either leave the dough to rest for about fifteen minutes before cutting or roll out the dough by hand, cutting the dough into two equal pieces before baking.

If you want a cake that is colorful and eye-catching, choose a cake decorating style such as frosted, ganache or fondant. In frosted cakes, fondant is used for the filling. Frosting is made from powdered sugar or flour that is then melted over hot water and applied to the cake. Ganache or fondant is a kind of icing that is applied to the cake before baking. It is made using a mixture of corn syrup, butter and cream cheese, which is then applied to the cake using spatulas.

Another traditional design is the wedding cake. It is a rectangular cake that has an opening in the middle, which is the venue for the couple to exchange rings. This type of cake is decorated with a white layer, which is called cake frosting, and an elaborate design of ribbons and flowers at the base. It can also come in tiers, such as a tier cake with layers of cake frosting, another tier with a layer of fondant and a third tier with a layer of ganache. A classic style of wedding cake that is popular today is called the traditional wedding cake, which is usually made with white icing on a cake frosted with a layer of fondant.

When to Put Fondant Decorations on a Cake

Another popular style of cake is the chocolate wedding cake, which is made with the use of chocolate fondant. and is decorated with a layer of white fondant that’s used for the base and a chocolate colored fondant for the decorations. The chocolate fondant is then used to decorate the cake’s top.

For a baby shower cake, you have to consider the theme of the shower. You can choose from chocolate, floral, fruit, hearts, zebra or many other themes depending on the theme of the event. For example, if your party is themed on motherhood, then a chocolate cake is perfect as it is a favorite theme. If you want a cake with flowers or butterflies, then consider making a cake with blue fondant.

In addition, there are several ways to decorate cake. To give a fun look to your cake, consider adding some fresh flowers to the top or using edible ornaments, balloons and flowers and ribbons to tie your cake together.

Another way to add color and elegance to a cake is to use chocolate chips instead of fondant for your layers. Some people opt to apply chocolate bars or chocolate chips instead of fondant to decorate their cakes. You can purchase these chips online, but you can also purchase them from a specialty bakery. or candy store.

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