Types Of Gardens

If you are planning to design and develop your own beautiful private gardens then, it is always better to plan as early as possible. It is because the plants and flowers that flourish in the early part of a season usually do not survive through the long winter season. On the other hand, a beautiful garden that is not maintained well may also face harsh winters and have to be destroyed.

beautiful gardens

There are a variety of beautiful gardens across the world. These beautiful gardens are generally created by the talented artists and craftsman. Some of these beautiful gardens are the result of their owner’s dreams and fantasies. In case of public gardens, it generally happens that the flowers and other beautiful things do not bloom during the main season due to the weather conditions. In order to keep the garden looking beautiful throughout the year, there are certain ways that can be followed.

The desert botanical garden at Phoenix city in Arizona displays a collection of beautiful desert-plant species. The largest garden of this type exists at the University of Phoenix located in Phoenix. The garden is generally designed to display various desert flowers that are in season during spring and summer. The 140-acre garden has over 21000 desert flowers from all around the globe from the pollen collected from flower petals of over four thousand different species. These flowers are used in desert gardening to bring about the most amazing beauty in the region.

Apart from Arizona, a beautiful garden in Florida also displays beautiful gardens of various types. The landscaping of such a garden is based on certain colour schemes. It is believed that colours which are used in the early stages of development helps to nurture certain types of plants in future. Florida uses a wide range of colours like, reds, yellows, greens, blues, blacks, and various combinations for the designing of beautiful gardens.

De villandry in France has a very interesting style of designing beautiful gardens. This country estate has a beautiful pond, which is surrounded by well-manicured lawns and various lush green trees. The ponds are designed using a bridge consisting of water spouts and exotic stones. The flowing water of the pond makes it look very natural as it does not look artificial at all.

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In England, it is not uncommon to find beautiful gardens that use various types of plants with rich colours. The most common garden plants used are such as, poppies, crocuses, and hydrangeas. The colours used are usually rich colours like, purple, burnt orange, and ecru. A lot of time and care is given in selecting the plants as the combination of colours is what makes a beautiful garden.

Pots are very important to the plants’ survival, therefore a lot of thought goes into choosing the right pots to house them in. Metal pots are usually used as they are durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. The pots must however be kept in mind as the colour or texture of the pot is important for the plants to look at.

As far as the types of plants go, there are many different types, from English oak to California poppies. It is important to know that the different types of plants and flowers will require different amounts of water and air. Water helps to keep the root systems strong while air keeps the roots cool. Most longwood gardens do well in a traditional setting of tall conifers and bushes. But depending on the climate of where you live, some plants may do better in a shaded area where they can enjoy some shade and sunlight.

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