Outdoor Fun For Your Family

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Outdoor Fun For Your Family

Looking for some DIY outdoor fun crafts for the kids? Pinning mama on a pin is one of my all time favorite pastime activities. It’s easy, lots of fun and also good for your back. And it’s so simple to make with only a few simple supplies! Here’s how to do it.

For this great activity we will need a large square of cardboard that’s at least two feet wide. That way there will be plenty of room for a pinning mama activity. You will also need a large sheet of poster board that’s easily covered with clear printer paper so you can color in your mama. The kids will need a craft kit with some cardboard pieces, safety scissors, a ruler, a pencil and glue, and one creative mommy to pin the pin on the poster board.

To start your day outdoor activity, get your kids involved by asking them to think of an item they already have. Maybe your child has an old t-shirt that he or she can use for the activity. Make them cut out an animal design with the t-shirt and thread the tape on. Then you can give each kid one of the animals that they’ve designed and let them pin their artwork to the t-shirt.

Let each child do about three things at once. That way you’ll have plenty of time to work on their artwork. Make sure your kids know that if they don’t like the design they can take it away. If the design isn’t exactly what they want, don’t tell them. Keep going with the diy activity until the t-shirt is covered and then remove the art.

For a more hands on creative experience, offer your kids a few items to use while they are pinning mama. A couple of the kids can make crafty items like a pinata with craft supplies that you can keep as a keepsake. Or, let your kids make homemade cards. Have your kids write messages on the cards with markers or colored pencils. You can then send the cards to family and friends to keep in touch.

If you don’t feel like taking your children’s creative talents to the craft store, you can always find inexpensive items at dollar stores, arts and crafts stores, and even the occasional garage sale. You may also find recycled materials for some projects online, as well. This will be an easy and inexpensive way for you to share with your children’s favorite people and you will save money on your art supplies as well.

Bring all your children’s interests together and plan a trip to the park. Ask them to bring their favorite stuffed animals. Plan an outdoor activity centered around one theme. Do kite flying, ballooning, or playing an inflatable ball game.

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Take the kids to the beach and let them play volleyball. Teach them how to surf, take turns paddling a canoe, or jump rope. Invite the neighborhood kids for a treasure hunt. There are endless possibilities, just be creative and enjoy!

One way to get started with DIY crafts is to have the children assemble simple items such as a plastic milk jug or tote bag. You can paste small items such as beads onto the jug to make unique bottle stoppers. Or, you can cut out stained glass panels from old jars and use those as placemats for the picnic table or a flower pot. The possibilities are endless!

Don’t forget the arts and crafts at the park. Let the kids get their hands on giant scissors, crayons, paintbrushes, rubber stamps, and other crafting supplies. Your kids will learn to love working with their hands and creating a wide range of creations. You’ll also appreciate the beautiful sights and smells that come from nature as you walk through the park.

Children also love to visit with the neighbors so bring some of them to play in your back yard. Get a couple of tables and set up folding chairs so they can stay for some quiet time with each other. You can even offer them a craft kit containing a few of their favorite items. They can use these in their own projects as well.

Bring your kids outdoors for a day of arts and crafts. If you live near a water body, take them along. If you’re near a playground, offer your kids some dirt bikes or a balloon ride. They can be creative and have loads of fun at the same time! Now you know how outdoor family fun can be very engaging and educational all at once!

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