How to craft a Bonnet

To create a porcelain doll bonnet, first determine the size of your doll head. Once you have the size you will need materials. You can use wire to mould your bonnet if it is less than 10 inches. You can use any type of material you choose to make your bonnet, including batiste.


The materials you will need are 6 inches of fabric (white), such as the batiste. You will need a couple of edge laces, say around 2 ½ yards and ½ inches of lace edge. Gather 36 inches of smooth craft wire.
You will need 28 inches of dual side rayon fabric, such as satin ribbons and a set of wire cutters, and pliers with a long muzzle. Once you gather your materials, you can start your methods in creating your bonnet.
You will need art paper to create your patterns. Once you finish you will carve two sou’ westers: (i.e. bonnets) you should have two rows of lace, which one is on top and the other. Once you have your patterns make a wavy edge forming the scallop near the lace edge and continue to the middle of your bonnet.
Stitch together the right side and form a straight-line stitch to lace the edges in order and to connect to the edges of the neck and the edges at the top. To show lace when the bonnet is turned, the lace should jut out over your seams at the finish of your hat.
Now, use your lining and place it over your sou’ wester and begin stitching it collectively over the prior stitch lines to the edges of the neck and edge of the crown. Leave open your ends, turn your bonnet at the inner recesses, and out so that the lace shows at the crown edges and neck, and then press.
Use your pattern and stitch along the lines. You want to create a cover for the wire. Next, sew one more edge of lace underneath the hat on the left side and continue to the right. Stitch in the direction of your line and cover near the edges of your crown. Stitch your wavy lines at the crown into the lace and continue to the outer edges.
Now you will need to cut the ends of your hat. Use your wire cutters and cut along the lines of your wire so that it fits 11 inches of the edges of your crown. The last edge of your crown will need 8 ½ inches of wire. The center should be 7 ½ inches and the edges of the neck should be 7 inches.
About ¼ inch, curve the ends of your wire. Next, weave your wire into the covers evenly at one finish of your untreated edges. Bend the wire ¼ inch with your pliers and another quarter over until the wire is secured. Pull up your fabric at the edges of the crown, including the other crown edge and add your wire to the center and at the edges of the neck wire.
The wire will extend to the other finish area, which you will need to trim the curved ends once you check to make sure that the area is balance. You want to avoid allowing the wire to ride to the cover. Next, bend the wires ¼ inch twice and secure your ends.
You want to even your decorative fabric edgings, which once your bonnet is completed you can trim your ribbon, creating dual 14 inch lengthwise cuts and fix your ribbon to the side of the hat. If you would like additional designs, such as the rose-shaped badge (Rosette) you will need to use rose grubs and embroider them onto the ribbons.


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