Craft Buttons

Buttons for clothing do serve a purpose but they are also for decoration. You want to look great in the clothes you wear. Having some craft buttons on them will make them look different from what others are wearing.


It can change a simple button up shirt into something classy to wear to work or out for the evening. You can get these types of buttons at hobby stores, retail stores, and even online.
It doesn’t take too much time to be able to effectively remove the old buttons and place these on your clothing. Make sure your practice enough so you can have the right skills to secure them in place. You need to use good quality thread that is very similar in color to the item you are placing the craft buttons on. This way the thread won’t be obvious as well as a distraction.
You also need to make sure that the buttons are going to fit well through the button holes on the outfit. This is important because otherwise you are going to have problems. If the craft buttons are too small then will result in your clothes coming undone. If they are too big you won’t be able to fasten them.
Don’t worry though as there are so many different diameters out there for the craft buttons that this won’t be a problem for you. Chances are if you find a kind of craft button you really like, it will be offered in several sizes. It is a good idea to buy a couple of extras too.
This way if one of the craft buttons gets broken or falls off when you don’t see it you will have a replacement. It may be a while later and you won’t know where you got that first set of craft buttons.
Have some fun with your clothing though with the use of craft buttons. You can change the look of a top you have worn many times before.
You can also add something fun or classy to the look of your wardrobe. Replacing your buttons is less expensive than replacing all of your clothes. You can get a full set of craft buttons for only a couple of dollars.


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