Gardening Fun For Kids

Gardening is a very beneficial activity especially for kids. Gardening lets your kids to make something beautiful; they not only grow vegetables, flowers, and a wide variety of other plants, but they also learn responsibility and patience. Gardening also teaches kids important life lessons, like patience and responsibility. But then, here is the problem: most kids do not find gardening fun. In fact, a survey has shown that only half of the kids would want to do gardening again in the next five years.

gardening fun

There are a lot of reasons why kids hate gardening. The first and the most obvious reason is because it is time consuming. Even if you think that you have kids who are willing to spend their precious time on gardening, it will still take a lot of effort and patience to take care of these plants. So, if you really want to make gardening fun, you need to consider these two major things: the equipment and the soil.

If you want to make gardening fun, you should consider hiring or renting some equipment for your garden. There are a lot of gardening equipment that are sold in local stores and you can rent them to your kids. Just make sure that the equipment will help your kids be more successful in growing crops and flowers in their garden. Children will be more interested in growing vegetables and flowers, if they see that the dirt they are digging is so colorful, fresh, and healthy.

Aside from the equipment, you can also add DIY bird feeders and DIY water filters to your garden. Kids will surely love watching birds will love eating the worms and plants that you have placed in the water filter. This will allow them to learn and practice the proper way of using these tools. These tools will also be very helpful when you harvest the plants that you have placed in the bird feeders. Both the kids and birds are given something to eat so both parties can benefit from gardening.

If you want to make gardening fun, you can also plant some seeds for your own garden. When your kids see some seeds planted in the garden, they will want to pick them immediately. However, if you want to introduce gardening to your kids before they are ready for bigger projects in the garden, it is recommended that you place some seeds in some large containers that your kids can empty on their own. This way, they won’t be pressured to pick the seeds just because they are hungry.

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Aside from placing some seeds in some containers, you can also plant some plants in your backyard. It would be better if you place these plants in a location where there are no tall weeds. It is not good for plants to grow up in a location where weeds are present. You can plant these plants in a pot or container so that they can grow naturally in your kids garden.

When you are gardening, make sure that you are using fertilizers and bug repellents. Fertilizer helps in keeping the roots of the plants healthy. If the roots of the plants are unhealthy, the growth of the plants won’t be that healthy as well. Meanwhile, bug repellents will keep those insects away from the plants so kids won’t be attracted to them. This will also prevent you from spending too much on sprays and insecticides.

In order for gardening to be successful, you must water the soil and monitor the growth of the plants. You should do this especially when the weather is dry. You can also make use of composts to fertilize the soil. Kids love to grow plants so you should encourage them to do so. Remember that children are different from adults so what works for adults may not work for them. What is important is that you are persistent with whatever you decide to try and your kids will surely benefit from it.

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