Cake Decorating Tips – 3 Easy Tips For Better Cake Makeup

cake decorating tip

One cake decorating tip that can save you from having to run for the kitchen when one of your cakes comes out wrong is to follow a recipe. Many people get stuck while working on a cake and have to rush to the fridge to get more of what they need. When you follow a recipe, you are able to control the ingredients, timing and baking time of the cake. Also you know that the ingredients were combined at the right temperature and in the correct order. Many recipes will have you add or substitute items depending upon their original recipe. You don’t have to be an experienced cake designer to follow a recipe.

Another cake decorating tip that you should always remember is to use a good set of kitchen utensils. Get a utensil set with a long handle so that you can lift cakes with one hand. The long handle will make it easier to turn the cakes around and get them to reach the level of finish you desire. In addition, using a long handled utensil will prevent you from dropping or damaging your cupcakes when you decorate them with different foods.

One more useful cake decorating tip that you need to know involves using food coloring and buttercream. There are two ways that this combination can be used effectively. If you are making a very colored cake and want it to look more like a candy bar, you can mix equal parts lemon juice and food coloring. For a cake that is already colored and you want it to appear to have more of a candy bar like appearance, you will need to add a tablespoon of buttercream to the mix.

For another cake decorating tip, let’s say you have made a batch of cake that came out the way you wanted it. But instead of decorating it according to your specifications, what you really want is to make it look like it was baked at a certain time in a certain place. If you want to accomplish this, you will need to add canned or fresh pudding to your batter. To be sure you get the right texture, test the pudding by adding a tiny bit to a cup of cake batter.

For yet another great cake decorating tip, let us say you have purchased fondant recipe from a cookbook or online and you want to add some personalized touches to it. You have already made the icing crust and you want to decorate it. The key is to remember that fondant recipes take time to prepare. So, while you are working on the other things you are working on, be sure to add enough time to the process. If you forget and find that you have to stop working before the fondant recipe is completely ready, you will end up having an unbalanced cake.

Start As a Cake Decorator

Yet another important cake decorating tip includes the use of piping tips. If you know how to use piping tips well, you can decorate any kind of cake easily. To make piping tips, all you have to do is melt some sugar, and then pipe the tip into the cake. Make sure the piping tips you use are very small because you don’t want to overdo it.

One last important cake decorating tip is about your tools. As you probably already know, cake pans are different than traditional baking pans because they are thinner. This means that you will not have to use as much butter or oil to cook your cakes if you follow a specific recipe. For instance, if you are following a cake recipe that says you should bake a 9-inch cake, using a cake pan that is only 9 inches in diameter will give you the same result as baking a smaller round cake in a round cake pan.

The final tip you will receive for this article deals with one of the most important aspects of any cake decorating recipe: the ingredients used in the recipe. If the recipe says that you need to add certain food coloring to the cake, but you don’t feel comfortable adding it, change the recipe so that you can use food coloring if you choose. This tip will ensure that your cakes come out delicious, and they are easy to make too.

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