5 Easy and Simple Tips For Cake Decorating

cake decorating

5 Easy and Simple Tips For Cake Decorating

Cake decorating is really one of the most basic sugar arts which uses decoration or icing and other edible decorative items to make simple cakes more attractive visually. Alternatively, cakes can also be shaped and molded into 3-dimensional entities, such as animals, people and places. In fact, cakes have been around for as long as people have made them but they have become very popular especially in weddings and parties.

One of the oldest forms of cake making has been making individual layers of cake from a single cake mix. However, in this day and age when cakes can come in different shapes like round, square and rectangular, you can now combine the two techniques and create cakes with different sizes, shapes and even colors.

There are several types of cake decorating like sponge cake and cupcakes that can actually be fun. These days you can even bake individual cakes from a recipe book or purchase pre-made varieties. Another great cake decorating technique is the use of frosting. In fact, there are many types of frostings that you can use to make your cake appealing to the eyes of your guests and friends.

Chocolate frosting is one type that can bring a nice touch of romance and sweetness to your wedding cakes and desserts. However, if you do not like using chocolate, then you can always go for the fondant frosting.

Fondant Icing: This type of frosting is made of fondant and the texture is similar to a pudding consistency. It can either be used for cake decorations or for the toppings and decorations on top of your cakes.

Chocolate covered cake: Another form of this frosting is the chocolate covered cake. This type of decoration can bring out the sweet and sexy side of your bride and groom’s personalities. All you need is some chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate-coated pretzels or chocolate covered mini pies and you will have a romantic cake for your wedding. These are especially suited to a wedding in the summer season.

Chocolate ganache frosting: A very unique type of this frosting is the chocolate ganache frosting. This kind of frosting is basically consists of melted chocolate and flavored whipped cream and is used to add some color and flavor to the cake as well as the frosting itself.

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Chocolate Ganache Filling: A very unique form of this is the chocolate ganache filling. Instead of making the frosting from melted chocolate, you can simply use melted chocolate to coat the cake to create a nice and shiny finish. The finished cake looks amazing. To achieve this, you just need to add chocolate fondant to the cake with a spatula to form a smooth and shiny layer on top of the cake.

Chocolate Carrot Cake: Another variation of this delicious cake is the chocolate carrot cake. This cake can be used as an alternative to a carrot cake. It has carrot filling, chocolate frosting, and chocolate flavored buttercream.

You can create a carrot cake by baking a cake that has carrot cake mix and then piping or decorating it to look like a carrot cake. Then, you can use the carrot cake mix as a base for the chocolate flavored frosting to create the carrots on top of the cake.

Carrot cake: If you do not want to make a carrot cake yourself, you can try to buy pre-made carrots from your local grocery store. and decorate them on top of your cake. If you are going to be using carrots as an ingredient in your cake, then use the buttercream frosting to add more color and flavor to the cake.

Carrot Cake Mousse: Another unique variation of this cake is a carrot cake mousse. Here, the main ingredient of the cake is carrot which is mixed with cream, buttermilk and sugar and then topped with a smooth and silky smooth layer of fondant. The finished product makes a nice and fresh look and smell.

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