Some Handy Tips on Outdoor DIY Projects

outdoors diy projects

Some Handy Tips on Outdoor DIY Projects

If you want to save time when making decorations, plants, pots, etc for an outdoor garden or patio, there are many simple and easy outdoor DIY projects to consider. They are as diverse as you can imagine. You can use stones, bricks, plastic, wood, or whatever material you have in your yard or garden. Just remember that these projects need to be done safely.

Simple and Easy Bird Feeder and Garden DIY Projects: For this one you will need: A bird feeder, some filler (such as sponges), two pieces of wooden decking with nails in the center and two pieces of scrap cardboard or construction paper. Materials: Two sponges and a spare key safe. Directions: Use a glue gun or a blow gun to glue the cardboard into the wooden decking. When finished, use a sandpaper to smooth the edges.

A Hot Glue Gun and Sink DIY Project: This one is very easy to do. In order to make this project you will need a pot, a bird feeder, an insert or stand for your feeder, a hot glue gun, a toilet paper tube and a pair of pliers. Instructions: Take your hot glue gun and heat up one end of a toilet paper tube. Place it inside the bird feeder and outline around it with the hot glue gun. Then stick your tube into the hole in the center of the feeder.

A Hammered Pot and Hammock DIY Project: This project requires a hot glue gun, a metal bowl, a metal spool and a Hammock. Instructions: Use the hot glue gun to outline the inside of the bowl, using the same color as the Hammock. Cut strips along the inner rim of the bowl to provide support for your hanging. After that, cut strips along the bottom of the hammock to make the hammock stand on the inner surface of the pot and attach it to the inside of the Hammock.

Making Bottle Caps From Bottle Caps: If you want to make caps from old bottles use some cardboard and cut the caps out with some scissors. You can use a paint marker for writing names and messages into them. Use some glue and put all the pieces together. Before drying, put some glue on the caps to hold them together.

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Using Paint Sprays to Decorate Your Food: Another great outdoor project’s idea is using paint sprays to decorate food containers. For this project you need a spray bottle, some paint brushes (make sure they are washable), paint, food labels and forks/spoons. You can use any colors of paint you like; just ensure that the shades of the paint to match the food. After painting, let it dry and then remove the paint from the label. Place the food in the container and add some attractive little bows to enhance its beauty.

Making Outdoor Photo Frames: If you don’t have enough space outdoors to frame your photos, then get a rolling frame and slide it on the wall. Then attach some outdoor twine to make it look more authentic. Add some beautiful colored beads around the frame and voila! You have a beautiful picture frame ready! For further ideas on how to do this project, you can search the internet. There are various websites that offer tutorials on how to do this outdoor project successfully.

These are some of the fun DIY outdoor projects that you can do from your own home. They allow you to be creative and at the same time save up on a lot of money. Why spend for expensive furniture when you can do these DIY projects instead? Don’t forget that you don’t have to spend much time either. The projects don’t need much expertise. You will only need common household tools and some little creativity to transform them into awesome projects!

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