Where Can I Buy Cake Decorations

Are you looking for the perfect cake decorations to elevate your baked creations? If you’ve been wondering “where can I buy cake decorations,” look no further. Cake decorations are an essential aspect of baking and can greatly impact the overall appearance and appeal of a cake. Whether it’s for a special occasion or simply to satisfy a sweet tooth, the right cake decorations can make all the difference in presentation.

When it comes to purchasing cake decorations, there are various options available to suit different preferences and needs. One popular choice is to explore online stores, which offer a wide range of decorative options for cakes. Platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, and Wilton provide a convenient way to browse through a plethora of decorations from the comfort of your home.

In addition to online stores, local bakeries and craft stores also offer an array of cake decorations. This option not only provides access to unique and specialized items but also allows the opportunity to support small businesses within the community.

For those seeking high-quality and distinctive decorations, specialty stores that focus specifically on cake decorating supplies are worth considering. Whether it’s edible pearls or intricate fondant designs, these specialty stores often carry unique products that can add flair to any cake creation.

Online Stores

When it comes to finding a wide range of cake decorations, online stores can be a great option. Websites such as Amazon, Etsy, and Wilton offer an extensive selection of cake decorations, making it easy to find the perfect embellishments for your baked creations. These online stores not only provide convenience but also offer a diverse range of options to cater to different preferences and themes.


Amazon is known for its vast array of products, and cake decorations are no exception. Customers can find everything from edible glitter and fondant molds to themed cake toppers and specialty sprinkles. With user reviews and ratings, shoppers can make informed decisions based on the experiences of others. Additionally, Amazon Prime members may benefit from fast shipping options for last-minute baking needs.


Etsy is a treasure trove for unique and handmade cake decorations. This platform allows independent artists and sellers to showcase their one-of-a-kind creations, offering customers the chance to find truly special pieces that can elevate their cakes. From custom sugar flowers to personalized cake banners, Etsy provides a platform for creativity and individuality in cake decorating.


For those looking for high-quality professional-grade cake decorations, Wilton is a leading brand in the industry. Their online store offers an extensive collection of decorating tools, edible embellishments, and themed accessories suitable for both beginner bakers and seasoned professionals. In addition to products, Wilton’s website also provides resources such as tutorials and inspiration galleries to help customers enhance their skills and creativity.

With these popular online stores offering an abundance of choices for cake decorations, baking enthusiasts have the opportunity to explore various designs and styles without leaving the comfort of their homes. Whether you’re looking for trendy fondant accents or classic piped designs, these platforms can help you discover the perfect decorations for your next baking project. So if you’re wondering “where can I buy cake decorations,” look no further than these reputable online retailers.

Local Bakery and Craft Stores

When looking for cake decorations, one option to consider is purchasing them from local bakeries and craft stores. Not only are these establishments likely to carry a variety of unique and high-quality decorations, but supporting small businesses can also have a positive impact on the local community.

By choosing to buy cake decorations from these stores, customers can contribute to the growth and success of small business owners. Additionally, many local bakeries and craft stores may offer handmade or locally sourced decorations, adding a personal touch to cakes for special occasions.

Here are some popular local bakery and craft stores where customers can find a diverse selection of cake decorations:

  • Sweet Delights Bakery: Located in downtown, Sweet Delights Bakery offers a wide range of cake decorations such as edible flowers, sugar pearls, and custom cake toppers.
  • Creative Crafts & More: This charming craft store not only carries an assortment of crafting supplies but also features a section dedicated to cake decorating. Customers can find fondant molds, edible glitter, and themed sprinkles for all types of celebrations.
  • The Artisan’s Kitchen: A favorite among locals, The Artisan’s Kitchen creates bespoke cakes and also sells handmade cake decorations made by local artisans. From intricate sugar sculptures to hand-painted fondant accents, this store has everything needed to elevate any cake design.

Whether it’s for a birthday party or a wedding celebration, local bakery and craft stores are excellent places to discover unique cake decorations while contributing to the success of small businesses in the community. For those looking for a more personalized touch or one-of-a-kind designs for their cakes, these establishments offer a special shopping experience that cannot be found at larger retailers.

Specialty Stores

When it comes to finding unique and high-quality cake decorations, specialty stores are a great option. These stores focus specifically on cake decorating supplies, offering a wide range of decorations that are not commonly found in regular retail outlets. Whether you’re looking for edible flowers, intricate fondant designs, or themed cake toppers, specialty stores are the go-to place for finding those special touches that will elevate the look of your cake.

Here are some popular specialty stores where you can find a variety of unique and high-quality cake decorations:

  • Cake Art: This online and brick-and-mortar store offers an extensive selection of cake decorating supplies, including edible pearls, metallic dragees, and custom-made sugar flowers.
  • CK Products: Known for their high-quality baking and candy-making supplies, CK Products also provides a diverse range of cake decorations such as pre-made gum paste flowers, themed sugar layons, and whimsical cake toppers.

In addition to these specialty stores, local shops in your area may also specialize in cake decorating supplies. Visiting these stores not only provides access to exclusive decorations but also supports small businesses within the community. So next time you ask yourself “where can I buy cake decorations?” consider seeking out specialty stores both online and locally for a truly unique selection.

Party Supply Stores

Convenience and Variety

Party supply stores are a great option for finding cake decorations because they offer convenience and a wide variety of options all in one place. These stores are typically stocked with everything you need to throw a party, including cake decorations, making it easy to find all the necessary supplies in a single trip.

Whether you’re looking for birthday candles, edible cake toppers, or themed decorations for a specific occasion, party supply stores are likely to have what you need.

One-Stop Shopping

By shopping at party supply stores for cake decorations, customers can save time and effort by avoiding the need to visit multiple locations or order from different online retailers. This one-stop shopping experience can be especially beneficial for individuals who are planning a party or event and need to purchase various supplies in addition to cake decorations. It allows them to browse through a diverse range of products and pick out all the items needed for their celebration.

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Availability and Accessibility

Another advantage of buying cake decorations from party supply stores is the accessibility they offer. Many cities and towns have several party supply stores located near residential areas, providing easy access for customers in need of last-minute purchases or quick replacements. Additionally, some larger chain party supply stores may also offer online ordering with the option for in-store pickup or home delivery, further enhancing accessibility for consumers looking for where can i buy cake decorations.

Bulk Buying Options

For individuals who frequently bake and decorate cakes, purchasing cake decorations in bulk can be a cost-effective solution. This option allows bakers to stock up on essentials such as fondant, edible glitter, sprinkles, and various types of frosting in larger quantities, reducing the need for frequent trips to the store.

One popular option for bulk buying is to visit wholesale retailers that specialize in baking supplies. Stores like Costco and Sam’s Club offer a wide selection of cake decorations at competitive prices, making it convenient for avid bakers to purchase everything they need in larger quantities.

Another alternative for bulk buying cake decorations is to explore online suppliers that cater specifically to bulk purchases. Websites like Bulk Barn and WebstaurantStore offer a diverse range of cake decorating supplies at wholesale prices, allowing customers to order in large quantities and have the items delivered directly to their doorstep. This option is particularly advantageous for those who prefer the convenience of shopping from home while still securing bulk discounts on their purchases.

A key benefit of opting for bulk buying options when it comes to cake decorations is the potential cost savings. By purchasing items such as sprinkles, food coloring, and decorative picks in larger quantities, bakers can often obtain these supplies at a lower unit cost compared to buying individual packages. Additionally, having a well-stocked supply of cake decorations on hand enables bakers to tackle new projects and experiment with different designs without worrying about running out of essential supplies.

Bulk Buying OptionAdvantages
Wholesale Retailers (Costco, Sam’s Club)Competitive prices; Wide selection
Online Suppliers (Bulk Barn, WebstaurantStore)Convenience; Wholesale pricing

DIY and Homemade Decorations

Decorating a cake with homemade decorations can add a personal touch and unique flair to any baked creation. Whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, or any other special occasion, making your own cake decorations can be a fun and rewarding process. Many basic ingredients and tools found in most kitchens can be used to create beautiful and impressive decorations.

One of the simplest and most popular homemade cake decorations is buttercream flowers. With just butter, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and food coloring, you can create stunning floral designs to adorn your cakes. Additionally, using royal icing to pipe intricate designs or patterns onto the surface of the cake is another way to personalize your creations with homemade decorations.

For those who enjoy working with fondant, creating shapes and figures using cookie cutters or simple molds can yield professional-looking results without the need for store-bought decorations. Edible glitter can also be made at home by mixing sugar with food coloring, providing a sparkly finish to any cake.

Furthermore, using fresh fruits, chocolate shavings, or even edible flowers from your garden are all creative ways to decorate cakes without having to rely on store-bought items. When considering DIY options for cake decorations, the possibilities are endless where you can buy cake decorations.

Homemade Cake Decoration IdeasIngredients/Tools Needed
Buttercream FlowersButter, powdered sugar,vanilla extract,
Royal Icing DesignsEgg whites or meringue powder,powdered sugar
Fondant Shapes/FiguresFondant (homemade or store-bought),cookie cutters/molds
Edible GlitterSugar, food coloring


In conclusion, there are numerous options available for purchasing cake decorations, whether it be online or in-store. Online stores such as Amazon, Etsy, and Wilton offer a wide range of decorations and provide the convenience of shopping from home. Additionally, local bakeries and craft stores also carry unique and homemade decorations, allowing customers to support small businesses while finding the perfect adornments for their cakes.

For those looking for specialty and high-quality decorations, specialty stores focused specifically on cake decorating supplies are a great option. These stores offer unique and premium decorations that can elevate the look of any cake. Party supply stores also provide an array of cake decorations alongside other party essentials, providing convenience for customers planning events or celebrations.

Lastly, for those who frequently bake and decorate cakes, bulk buying options are available at various stores. Purchasing decorations in bulk offers cost-effectiveness and ensures that there is always a supply on hand for future baking projects.

Ultimately, when selecting the best decorations for different occasions, it’s important to consider the theme and style of the event, as well as personal preferences and budget constraints. Whether it’s through online retailers, local businesses or specialty shops, there are plenty of options where you can buy cake decorations to bring your sweet masterpieces to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Buy to Decorate Cakes?

When decorating cakes, there are a few essential items to buy. These include frosting or icing in various colors, piping bags and tips for intricate designs, fondant for sculpting decorations, edible glitter or sprinkles for added flair, and food coloring to customize the palette.

What Is Cake Decoration Called?

Cake decoration is often referred to as cake decorating or cake design. It encompasses the artful application of frosting, icing, fondant, and other edible embellishments to enhance the appearance of a cake. The goal is to create an aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing dessert.

What Do Professionals Use to Decorate Cakes?

Professional cake decorators use a variety of tools to achieve their intricate designs. This includes offset spatulas for smooth frosting application, piping bags and tips for detailed patterns and borders, fondant smoothers and sculpting tools for working with fondant, airbrush kits for creating gradients and effects, and edible ink printers for custom cake toppers and images.

Additionally, professionals often have access to a wide range of food colors and edible decorative elements to elevate their creations.

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