Outdoor Wedding Reception Activities

If you are having your wedding reception out of doors, that opens the door for many activities that would be hard to pull off indoors. You can plan games and activities based on the outdoor theme and carry that theme indoors if part of the reception is inside as well.

Depending on where the reception will be held, you can plan many activities based on the setting. Whether it is the park or on a farm, there are a myriad of activities you can plan.

Let’s start with some basics based on popular wedding locations. One fun game for a winery wedding is a blindfolded wine tasting game. If the bride and groom are wine drinkers, this might not a game the bride and groom should be a part of, but instead guests and wedding party members. Blindfold perhaps a half dozen volunteers and have them do a blind taste test (provide something to clean the palate between sips). The volunteers should guess which wine is the pinot noir, which is the Cabernet, and so on. A bottle of wine is the obvious prize for the winner of this game.

Say you are having a reception at a country club on a golf course. It’s possible your theme will include golf elements, so why not include golf in some reception activities or games? You certainly could head to the golf course for a “hole in one” contest, or have a driving contest to see which guest has the best stroke. As a simple, “who gets the centerpiece game”, you could have people guess how many golf balls there are in the floral centerpiece (which could decorate a plain large glass vase filled with flowers). Similarly, there could be a large vase or other clear container filled with golf balls at the reception somewhere and guests could guess how many golf balls are in the vase.

A silly game could be made on the dance floor by asking everyone to include their best golf swing into their dancing for one particular song.

Now, if your reception and ceremony are both to be held outdoors and guests will be milling outdoors, think about games or activities that can take place outdoors and still keep to your level of formality or informality. For example, if the reception is being held at a park, perhaps guests might enjoy a “walk down memory lane”. Prior to the reception, someone can use potted plants or arbors to create a little private lane, which guests can walk through. Along the path, guests will find pictures of the bride and groom at various stages in their lives. There should be a place for guests to record their thoughts and memories along the way as well.

If your wedding and reception are fairly casual, you can always tell guests ahead of time to prepare for a ball game or some other fun outdoor activity. Women can bring a pair of sneakers. Just imagine the fun photos you’ll get out of a rousing game of football or baseball played by women in dresses and sneakers and men in suits and sneakers!

You can provide a challenge activity involving barefoot dancing in the grass or a Frisbee toss in the backyard. Is there a pool in the yard where the reception will be held? Why not have a swimming activity for after the whole of the reception is done?

Fall Weddings: Splendor Your Event With An Array Of Fall Wedding Favors

So, you decided to take the most anticipated walk down the aisle and you have chosen the Fall as the perfect accent. Fall weddings are very romantic because the season represents a beautiful transition much like the transition you are about to encounter. The best way to accent the wedding with the season is to choose from an array of fall wedding favors that are ideal for both sexes.

Most seem to think that the wedding is all about the bride. Actually, it isn’t especially when it comes to choosing the right wedding favor for your guests. This is a time for the bride and grooms to come together as one to make practical decisions. The pair of you has already decided on the season of the wedding, now it’s time to work together in honor of your guests. Let’s try this out for size…when you think of fall, what comes to mind – the beautiful changing leaves, the cool atmosphere, maybe even cider and doughnuts. Rest assured, your thoughts were possibly calming to say the least. This could be reflective in your theme and décor. This is a good way to narrow down on what to choose for a good fall wedding favor.

The best gift for both sexes is a gift that both can use. For a fall theme, golden wine bottle stoppers with carved leaf tips are an awesome idea. Coasters detailed with fall leaves and even photo albums with pressed leaves are great ideas and are great additions to the table décor. Make an array of this festive event by adding to the table setting place card holders that hold the card in a leaf, a ceramic turkey place card holder or even pumpkin place card holders for that harvest touch. If you’re looking for something more edible, maple cookies or honey dried in the shape of a maple leaf makes a great ensemble for guests.

For do it yourself projects, try candy corn placed in a silver mint tin with a clear top. Get a bit fancier and tie a personalized ribbon around the mint tin in a festive autumn color to add more spice to the table. Speaking of spices, this is a great idea for fall wedding favors. Another idea is to place fall theme kisses in chocolate colored favor boxes or add chocolate shaped leaves to pumpkin centerpieces and place in the center of the table for the guests to enjoy. A cellophane bag of harvest shaped cookies tied with multicolor ribbon works well with kids. These ideas are all fun and great for both sexes to enjoy.

Cake Decorating – The Wedding Cake

Nearly every social event offers food in the celebration, birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings, are but a few of the events where food is an important part of the celebration. This article is about the wedding cake. [wp_ad_camp_2] A wedding is a way to celebrate the union of two people who are starting a life together….