Wedding Theme; Picking The Best One For The Both Of You

Wedding ThemePlanning a wedding is certainly an exciting time in the life of any couple. There are so many things to do, and so many things to consider, however, that it can be somewhat of an overwhelming experience as well.


== Planning Your Theme Together ==
Planning a wedding may well be the first big thing you do as a couple, and it is important to go through that planning process as a team.
There are many different wedding themes, from fun and casual outdoor weddings to the most elaborate, fairy tale weddings. It is important for the couple to talk about what they both want in their wedding and what theme is appropriate to each of them.

== Wedding Planning Guides And Bridal Magazines ==
When looking for the perfect theme for your wedding, many couples like to browse the many wedding planning guides and bridal magazines on the market. You may be able to find wedding themes you would never have thought of.
For instance, one of the most popular types of wedding in recent years has been the so-called destination wedding. The beauty of such a wedding is that the couple’s family and friends gather in a resort location, for the wedding, reception, and possibly some fun on the beach.
While not every couple will be able to afford the extravagance of a wedding at a five star resort, these types of theme weddings can give the couple some great ideas. Instead of a beach resort, the couple may choose to host a wedding reception at poolside.

== Ethnic Wedding Themes ==
Ethnic themed weddings are also increasingly popular, and they can be a great choice that couples can agree on. From Irish weddings to Hawaiian weddings, these themes can be a great way plan an extra special wedding ceremony.

== Start Planning Early ==
No matter what themes the bride and groom to be choose, it is important to start the wedding planning process early. Whether your taste and style runs to the simple or the elaborate, planning a wedding and finding the right wedding theme will take some time. It is important to plan early so that you can enjoy the process without being stressed.

Seasonal Wedding Themes

One way to make your wedding more memorable could be to have a theme wedding.

Taking the decision to have a theme wedding is the easier part. Deciding on the theme is harder. You could decide on a 17th century theme or a dream wedding theme, but while considering these themes, it is important to consider certain factors like cost, availability personnel etc.

If you are looking for a fresh look theme, look at your wedding date. Every season has its own charm and you could have a seasonal theme for your wedding that would incorporate all the glory, colours and beauty of the nature around you. It could be memorable and unique in its own way.

Many people like to get married in late winter or early spring when nature is at its best.

In spring everything looks fresh and new after the winter’s sleepy hibernation. In spring gardens and parks are in full bloom and the colours of nature are in full swing. Shades of pastel adorn the landscape with myriad shades and romance blossoms with a new haste and height. Having a spring season theme for your marriage would evoke the same feelings in your guests albeit to a lesser extent… (No-one can compete with nature… can they?).

Spring colours for the bridesmaids are pastel shades, each a different colour would create a different look. Tables with snowdrops or daffodils… miniature ones of course would give a fresh look. Back it up with tulips adorning the décor. Fill old fashioned jam jars with fragrant candles for a garden ambience. You could add flavor to the wedding by adding pink champagne to the afternoon tea and organising dance entertainment with Morris dancing for the adults or an Easter Egg hunt for the young.

Another popular season for wedding is the Summer, June, July and August being the most preferred months owing to the warm sunshine and reduced chance of bad weather. The colour patterns of summer are spicier compared to the pastel shades of spring. A summer theme should aim to create a tropical ambience through the use of yellows, bright orange, lime green and hot pink colour themes.

You could spice it up by making the bridesmaids wearing clothes of vibrant colours and more so, if they carry an exotic tropical flower different from each other and different from the normal bouquet offerings. Have the wedding breakfast in the garden incorporating barbecued fish and lime. A steel band can set the guests on fire with fun and relaxing aesthetics.

Tips For Planning The Wedding Of Your Dreams!

Autumn might bring some challenges to your creativity. Flowers are less abundant and the colours are down to earth with a mix of browns, gold, rust, coppers and reds. Substitute the flowers you carry with dried grass, wheat and berries, mix it up a little. Keep the food simple – soups, home made bread, fruits, cheese and roast meat. Halloween and romantic background music can work wonders with the ambience.

Winter, considered dull by some, can be the most is a magical time for weddings. The dark and cold nights could be converted to a warm ambience by use of candles, twinkling lights. Winter is when family gatherings have a special meaning and signals festive times. White, silver and blue are apt colour for a winter wedding theme. Adorn the bridesmaids with silver and turn the flower girls into little fairies with all the works – wands and wings.

Tables can be adorned with white feathers and the best sweets and chocolates available, light them with indirect blue lights. Serve white chocolate with the proper adornments to get the best of the winter ambience.
Whatever the season you choose, a little creativity in the theme can go a long way in making your wedding the most memorable ever.

The Joys of Selecting Wedding Themes

For the imaginative couple, you may want to break away from the traditional church and reception hall theme. And many more couples are trying something outside of this standard, so you’re sure to find whatever the two of you can think of.

What do you like?
Many couples come up with wedding themes based on where they met or what they like to do together. For example, a couple that met in a particular city may want to celebrate that city, or even hold the nuptials there.
Although more extreme, some couples have exchanged vows while jumping out of an airplane or skiing down a mountain. Why not pledge your love in the waters of a tropical island or create a traditional renaissance fair?

Make up a list of all of the things that you might like for your wedding. Let it be everything that you could imagine enjoying. This celebration is for the two of you, so let the wedding reflect the couple that you are.

Showing off
Creating your dream day may be as simple as a few well-placed decorations or an island setting. For a tropical wedding, you may want to stand on the beaches of a favourite vacation place or just decorate the reception hall like a luau. The bridesmaids can wear leis and the groomsmen can wear sandals.

If you’re looking for a more renaissance themed wedding, then you may be able to capture this with medieval music or entertainment—a jester might be a great addition. Of course, the outfits that you wear will reflect your theme. A bride dressed as Guinevere and the groom as Lancelot would make for beautiful pictures.

Try to find the recognizable details in the theme of your wedding and incorporate them into the decorating plan. You may also want to find food that would compliment the theme as well. A roasted pig can make a great conversation piece as well as dinner.

And the theme can even begin with the invitations. Try to find a way to signal to your guests the theme of your wedding. Some couples have even had their guest dress the part of the wedding theme as well. It’s like a great big costume party and a trip back in time.

Of course, don’t make it too strange or no one will go along. An alien themed wedding might seem like a good idea, but if the wedding party is that only one that plays the part, then it can be more awkward than anything.

But it’s your wedding!


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