Learn Cake Decorating Like An Artist

diy cake decorating

Professional-looking, fresh-from-the-mills cakes are created even easier with DIY Cake Decorations. No more trips to the bakery for the perfect piece of dessert. Simply choose your favorite frosting and whip it up yourself in your own kitchen, guaranteed to wow your friends and family! If you’re tired of the pre-made desserts at your local grocery store or convenience store, then why not try making your own? It’s a lot less expensive and a whole lot more rewarding.

You can create amazing, personalized cakes using a wide range of recipes from professional bakeries. There is a large, virtually endless assortment of cakes and pastries available to choose from. You can even experiment with making your own special flavors and fillings to match your taste. If you have never tried your hand at DIY cake decorating, this could be the opportunity to get started and explore the exciting world of professional baking.

When searching for your perfect project, make sure the kit includes everything you need to create a beautiful cake. Some kits include everything you need, while others leave out some of the more critical tools used in professional baking. In general, a good DIY cake decorating kit will contain the basic ingredients such as cake mix, liquid extracts, baking powder, sugar, lemon juice and oil.

Many people are intimidated by the prospect of creating their own cakes, but don’t let that stop you. Using the right tools makes a big difference in the end result, so choose the ones you are most comfortable working with. A silicone pastry tip is an essential tool for doing intricate designs such as glazes and decorations. For professional results that last a lifetime, you should invest in a quality silicone tip that will provide you with years of use.

Professional cake decorators use a variety of tools to ensure their cakes come out perfect. One of the more important items is a heavy duty cake leveler. Professional cake designers use this everyday. If you’re a beginner, a good cake kit doesn’t come with a level, so it’s imperative that you invest in one as soon as possible.

The three most important tools when starting to decorate a cake are the icing tips, decorative items and bake even strips. The icing tips are used to apply icing to the cake and the bake even strips are used to ensure a smooth and even application. Cakes can be difficult at first, so you may want to help yourself by using an edible colored pencil to outline the cake. When you are first learning how to decorate, the edible colored pencil is an invaluable asset. Once you master the technique, you can purchase your own set.

How to Decorate a Tiger Cake

The cake decorating supplies you will need include bake even strips, edible coloring and a good quality icing tip. You should also have a supply of some extra tips and icing spoons as well as plastic bags to use for cleanup. Once you have gathered these basic tools, you will want to focus on purchasing a good quality icing bag with a flat bottom and one that have airtight caps. The reason that you need an airtight bag is because air tends to expand when it meets with cooler temperatures. This will prevent air bubbles from forming which can cause your icing to come out unevenly. When using the bake even strips, make sure that they are non-stick.

The last essential item that you should have before beginning your journey into DIY cake decorating is a good quality fondant. While it can be prepared in different ways, most people prefer to use butter cream fondant. If you are going to use powdered sugar, be sure that you have enough to cover the entire cake as well as a couple of layers of lower level cake. It is always a good idea to take a minute or two to brush the fondant with a wood spatula in order to ensure that it does not stick to the cake and create lumps.

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