Kid Birthday Cake Idea Collection – Cake Decorating Without Fear


You do not need to become a pastry chef to create a professional excellent cake for your child’s birthday or other special event.

The most essential child birthday cake idea is picking a cake notion which matches your party theme. You may begin with a simple sheet cake wrapped with little toys or characters, or slice the cake to form a exceptional design.


For instance, a Construction Party cake may be topped with miniature toy dumptrucks and bulldozers pushing a chocolate chip mountain.

For a Train Party, place a mini choo-choo train on soggy tracks atop your cake, or line up many brightly colored frosted loaf cakes to form train cars.

For a Luau celebration, a very simple sheet or round cake could be festooned with a lace flower lei, or form a series of cupcakes at a circle and decorate each one with lace or frosting flowers. Combine with a ginger series to create a cupcake”lei”.

Baking cakes in an oven-safe glass jar or in a distinctive 3D sports ball pan is good for making any sort of perfectly curved ball cake, or even the dress component of a Barbie doll cake. A miracle mould cake pan makes little single serving doll cakes and other adorable creations!

Consider the layout you want to create and what shapes you will need to make it round, sheet, loaf, cupcakes, or a mix.

Peruse cake decorating novels for a child birthday cake idea which matches your requirements. Many novels offer templates forcutting and piecing cakes to make any variety of favorite designs. You determine exactly how easy or hard your cake will likely be.

For a no-fuss child birthday cake idea, employ an edible cake art image towards the peak of a frosted cake. Many popular topics and copyrighted images like Disney are readily available to supply a professional appearing cake layout.

Themed cake noodles are another popular cake decorating alternative. They supply the form and visual layout to follow for an impressive completed cake. Popular TV and animations characters are nicely represented in cake pans, in addition to teddy bears, butterflies, pirates, Tigger,Mickey Mouse, and a lot more.

Make sure you plan beforehand how much of each colour is going to be necessary for the simple base and decorative trim.

Canned and Tube Frostings – Easiest and fastest, ready canned frostings can be found in grocery stores in the aisle with all the cake mixes. They generally include chocolate, white, and a handful of other hot flavors. Maintain a couple of tube frostings on hand at various essential colours to add the finishing touches.

Fondant Frosting – Gaining in popularity in this country in the past several decades, fondant frosting provides a gorgeous smooth finish for your own cake decorating invention. Fondant may be rolled out and draped over a cake, either poured as a glaze, or sculpted into shapes. It’s readily tinted, and may be flavored too. Ready-made fondant can be found through party distribution outlets. There are also lots of recipes online for home made fondant.

How to Decorate a Cake With Swirls

Cookies, candies, and other substances may be used for unique and remarkable outcomes. Frosted sugar levels can function as the fins on a space ship cake or even the turrets on a castle cake.

A vast array of vinyl stand-ups or cake toppers can be found in craft shops. Or, just use a toy that fits in with the party theme for a cake topper and provide it to the celebration kid once the celebration is finished. Action figures, little dolls, animals and cartoon characters make great decisions.

There are lots of novel options for putting the finishing touches in your celebration cake. Dress it up in style with one or more of those Distinctive special effects:

Spray Color Mist – is an enjoyable addition to your baking repertoire. Frost your cake whitened, then spray edible color in an aerosol can. Offered in several colours, it may be used with stencils to produce specific designs, as a highlight to whipped topping – on your youngster’s mashed potatoes!

Luster Dusts – are a raw food secure”dust” that may be utilized on virtually any curry recipe which dries hard and firm to the touch. Brush it on white frosting for a metallic-like shiny sheen or coating it for interesting colour effects.

Cake Stampers – may be used alongside brush-on colour for fondant icing. Just stamp shapes and designs to the completed fondant and tint with brush-on colour.

Edible Color Markers – These exceptional mark are used just as an ink mark. Draw fun designs on cakes, biscuits, fondant frosting, even fruit, cheese pieces and bread. Decorating markers kits are offered for kids.

Decorative candles, themed cake selections and earrings,and edible cherry are fun tools on your cake baking toolbox.

Now you are armed with a great deal of great suggestions for cake decorating victory – without anxiety!

Go forth and make… and most importantly, have fun!


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