Interesting Cake Ideas – Decorating With Your Own Artistic Sense

Wedding cakes serve as the gathering place for sweet celebration. It is where husband and wife share their love and emotional moments with each other. The couple decorate the cake together and remember all the moments that are shared with each other during the special day. Wedding cakes are not only for the couple alone, because today you can order a personal sized cake for your best friend’s wedding or as a surprise for someone you love.

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Sprinkles cake is mostly served at birthday parties to add an especial color to the party. In kid’s birthday parties, white colored cake and cupcakes are most popular. In kid’s theme parties, white cake and cupcakes are usually served as an option. In adult parties, the plain and simple cake is still most popular. You can simply add the flavor of happiness and joy to the party by decorating the entire cake table with colorful sprinkles.

For adult and kid’s wedding, there are many other wedding cake decoration ideas that you can consider. The simplest and traditional way to decorate a cake for a wedding is to use edible flowers. These flowers can be used on the top layer and bottom layer of the cake. You can also make use of roses, carnations, lilies, chrysanthemums, and hydrangeas. Sprinkling these flowers will give the frosting an aromatic scent, which is very delightful for wedding guests.

You can also have a simple wedding cake as a centerpiece for the reception. If you have selected a simple wedding theme, such as beach wedding, rose petals or Hawaiian wedding, you can decorate it using marzipan. To add interest to the centerpieces, you can use dried flowers. You can also use fruit peel to cover the base of white cake and place a layer of white fondant over the centerpieces.

For themed three tier wedding cakes and theme parties, you can try making edible flowers with or without nuts. Using dried fruits, nuts, and chocolate pieces will give the cake a nutty flavor, which can be a welcome treat to guests who do not like nuts. You can also make use of brown sugar, licorice, popcorn chips, chocolate chips, and icing to decorate three tier wedding cakes and theme parties.

If you are planning to have a themed wedding celebration and you are looking for an unusual way of decorating your cake, you can try using sand castle tiers. These can be made using either sand or silicone. The silicone bakeware can easily be filled with sand and then baked in a hot oven at around 400 degrees. You can use a little or a lot of sand to get unique design on your edible decoration.

How to Decorate a Topsy Turvy Cake With Fondant

One of the best cake ideas for Halloween is to serve ghoulish cupcakes and mini cakes. You can choose from a wide range of cupcake pans that are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. Use orange, black, burgundy and red color for cupcakes and red and black for mini cakes. You can also have a variety of Halloween cupcake recipes to choose from to suit your taste.

Wedding cakes and edible decorations need not cost a fortune. There are many inexpensive ways of decorating your wedding and reception cakes. With a little creativity, you can make any cake a special one.

Budget-conscious couples often prefer to decorate their cakes and other edible decorations on a tight budget. Do not be disheartened. You can still come up with interesting ideas using limited resources. A great way to save money is to have the wedding party to provide you with some decorating supplies. You may only need simple stuff such as decorated paper, frosting tips and sponge. You can use these supplies to decorate a simple cake.

Another economical decorating idea is to make edible and decorating gifts at home. You can save a lot of money by making edible favors at home. If you are good at baking, then you can make the favors yourself. Homemade treats are the perfect choice for brides who are on a tight budget. Alternatively, you can buy pre-made cookies, jams and jellies that are available at almost any store selling fresh fruit and produce.

Cake decorating is a fun hobby. However, it requires a lot of effort and skill. If you want to learn more about designing cakes and other edible decorations, why not consider hiring a cake designer to help you make your special day one to remember?

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