How To Decorate a Cake – Step By Step Instructions

how to decorate a cake

In the beginning of adult cake decorating wasn’t as mesmerized with how beautifully decorated cake can be. Once the new vocabulary of decorating “decorating” was introduced, the older generations started to stare at their delicious cakes wondering how to decorate a cake like that too. Thought about how to decorate a cake with a layer cake and a different frosting style. Thought about how to decorate a cake by using different colors and frostings on a different layer. But mostly, people were thinking of why all those beautifully decorated cakes just looked the same somehow!

All of that changed when someone stumbled upon a picture of a beautiful cake that was given as a gift. This picture actually showcased how to decorate a cake back then. The cake was made of fondant icing with a row of chocolate chips between each row. The only tools needed for this kind of decoration are a spatula, a fork and some butter.

Let’s assume you’re going to make a cake that has a different design or decorations then what you see in the picture. You will first require a bench scraper. It is an inexpensive kitchen tool that will serve its purpose. The bench scraper comes in different shapes and sizes hence you’ll find one that is suitable for your needs. There is a big difference between a plastic bench scraper and the metal ones, which are usually used by professionals.

Next, is the wooden serving plate. The most important tool needed for a cake decorating project is a serving plate with a smooth frosting on it. The wooden ones are usually very ornate hence the reason why they’re more expensive. On the other hand, you can get the cheaper plastic ones that are not as pretty but are still pretty good. You can also find plastic-like ones at a bakery store.

Next, is the offset spatula. An offset spatula is like a crescent blade but instead of going down the length of the cake, it goes across the width. You use this spade to scoop up icing and crumbs from the sides of the cake. To make icing flow nicely, you’ll need a smooth frosting and an offset spatula.

Third, you’re ready to decorate cakes with buttercream. Buttercream is a smooth cream frosting that you apply to the cake’s top layer. There are a lot of different recipes for buttercream but the most popular is the chocolate brown buttercream. You can purchase it from a bake shop or make it at home. The easiest way to make buttercream is by using a mixer and pouring the cold buttercream into your mixing bowl, then quickly mixing it until it forms a smooth and creamy texture. Once you have finished this step, you will have a simple cake that you can decorate!

Does Whole Foods Decorate Cakes

For a smooth top on your cake, you will need a food coloring kit and your frosting recipe. You will start by pouring the tint into your mixing bowl and pouring the tint into the cake pan. You will then smooth the tint onto the top of the cake. Next, you will fill in the sharp edges of the cake with your frosting. You want to be sure that the frost has been smooth all the way around, so you can’t catch it when you’re trying to smooth out the edges.

Once you’re done decorating the cake, you should let it cool off completely before you transfer it to the refrigerator. This will give you time to safely store your cake in the fridge. While your cake is still in the fridge, you can put it under the oven to fully dry out. After it’s completely dried out, you will be able to bake away!

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