How Many Issues of Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines Are There

The Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazine series has garnered a dedicated following among baking enthusiasts and aspiring confectionery artists. With its comprehensive tutorials, innovative recipes, and expert tips, these magazines have become a go-to resource for anyone looking to elevate their cake decorating skills. However, one question that often arises among fans of the series is: how many issues of Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines are there?

The demand for knowing the total number of issues available speaks to the widespread popularity and appeal of these magazines. As avid bakers and decorators seek to build their collection and expand their knowledge, having a clear understanding of the complete set is essential to achieving mastery in this craft.

In this article, we will delve into the history of Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines, providing insight into its origins and evolution over the years. We will also take a closer look inside each issue, highlighting the invaluable content and features that make these magazines a staple in any baker’s library.

Additionally, we will explore the allure of collecting each issue as well as any exclusive offers and gifts that come with certain editions. Subscribe to uncover all there is to know about this beloved magazine series and gain insight into limited editions and special releases that have captivated baking enthusiasts worldwide.

The History of Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines

Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines have become a popular favorite among baking and cake decorating enthusiasts, with many people eager to collect every issue of the series. The history of these magazines dates back to the early days of Deagostini, a well-known publishing company that has specialized in partworks and collections since 1901. The magazine series has evolved over time, reflecting changes in trends, techniques, and styles within the realm of cake decorating.

Since its inception, Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines have aimed to provide readers with practical guidance, inspiration, and creative ideas for perfecting the art of cake decoration. Each issue contains step-by-step tutorials, in-depth articles on various decorating methods and styles, as well as mouth-watering recipes for delectable creations.

The evolution of the magazine series has seen a rise in high-quality photography, detailed instructions from renowned experts in the field, and innovative tips for achieving professional-looking results at home.

One notable factor that adds to the appeal of Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines is the collectible nature of the series. Many individuals find joy in acquiring each issue as it is released, forming a complete collection that showcases their dedication to honing their skills in cake decoration. This element of collecting not only adds value to the magazines but also fosters a sense of community among enthusiasts who share a passion for creating beautiful and delicious works of edible art.

Issue NumberRelease Date
1January 2020
2February 2020
3March 2020

As for how many issues of Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines are available, there isn’t a specific number defined universally as new issues continue to be released periodically. However, interested individuals can keep an eye out for announcements from Deagostini regarding upcoming releases and can easily track their collection by staying up to date with each new issue arriving on the market.

A Look Inside

Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines are renowned for their comprehensive and informative content, making them a valuable resource for both experienced and novice cake decorators. Each issue of the magazine is packed with tutorials, step-by-step guides, recipes, and expert tips to enhance the reader’s cake decorating skills. The magazines cover a wide range of techniques, from basic icing and piping skills to advanced fondant sculpting and sugar flower creation.

In addition to the instructional content, Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines also feature inspirational designs and ideas for themed cakes, seasonal treats, and special occasions. Readers can find innovative decorating techniques, trending cake designs, and creative ways to personalize their baked creations. Furthermore, the magazines often include interviews with professional cake decorators, providing insight into their industry expertise and sharing their top tricks of the trade.

One of the most appealing aspects of Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines is the diversity of content in each issue. By covering various styles, trends, and skill levels in every publication, the series caters to a broad audience of cake decorating enthusiasts. Whether readers are interested in classic cake designs or contemporary trends such as drip cakes or geode cakes, they can find relevant information within the pages of these magazines.

TutorialsStep-by-step guides for various cake decorating techniques
RecipesDelicious recipes for different types of cakes, frostings, and fillings
TipsExpert tips and tricks to improve cake decorating skills
Inspirational DesignsIdeas for themed cakes, seasonal treats, and special occasions

The Collectible Factor

Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines have gained immense popularity among baking and cake decorating enthusiasts. One of the reasons for the increasing demand for these magazines is the collectible factor that comes with each issue. As a result, many people are curious about how many issues of Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines are available and what makes them so appealing to collectors.

The Allure of Collecting

The appeal of collecting every issue of Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines lies in the valuable content they provide. Each magazine not only offers innovative and inspiring cake decorating ideas but also includes exclusive tutorials, detailed recipes, and expert tips from renowned bakers and decorators. This valuable content makes every issue a must-have for individuals looking to improve their skills or simply indulge in their passion for baking.

The Added Value

Collecting these magazines adds value to the series as a whole. Over time, as more issues are collected, enthusiasts can build a comprehensive library of cake decorating techniques, recipes, and design inspirations. The progression of skills and the expansion of knowledge that comes with each new issue make the collection itself worthwhile. Additionally, having a complete set of Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines becomes an investment for both novice bakers and seasoned professionals.

Rarity and Exclusivity

Another factor that adds to the appeal of collecting these magazines is the potential for limited editions or special releases. There may be specific issues that are harder to find, making them sought after by collectors who want to complete their set. The rarity and exclusivity associated with certain issues further contribute to the allure of collecting all available magazines in the series.

Exclusive Offers and Gifts

Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines are not only popular for their informative content and helpful tutorials, but also for the exclusive offers and gifts that come with certain issues. These special promotions and freebies add an extra element of excitement for collectors and cake decorating enthusiasts.

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Some issues of Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines may come with promotions such as discounts on baking supplies, tools, or even workshops or classes with renowned cake decorators. These promotions are a great incentive for readers to collect every issue and take advantage of these valuable offers.


In addition to promotions, certain issues may also include freebies such as stencils, piping tips, or other decorating tools to enhance the reader’s skills and collection. These free gifts not only add value to the magazine but also provide practical assistance in cake decorating projects.

Limited Editions

Occasionally, the magazine series may release limited edition issues that come with exclusive gifts or collectible items. These special releases often generate a lot of buzz among collectors and enthusiasts who are eager to get their hands on these rare editions.

These exclusive offers and gifts are just another reason why Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines are highly sought after. Whether it’s a promotion for essential baking supplies or a limited edition issue with a unique collectible item, these additional incentives make each issue even more desirable for those looking to complete their collection.

Subscriber Benefits

Subscribing to the Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines comes with a variety of benefits for avid cake decorators and enthusiasts. By subscribing to the series, you can ensure that you never miss an issue and have access to exclusive content and offers. Here are some of the advantages of becoming a subscriber:

  • Regular Delivery: Subscribers receive each new issue delivered directly to their doorstep, ensuring that they stay up to date with the latest cake decorating techniques, recipes, and tips.
  • Convenience: Subscribing means you don’t have to worry about making trips to the store or searching for available copies of the magazine. It’s a hassle-free way to enjoy each issue without having to constantly keep track of release dates.
  • Special Subscriber-Only Content: Many magazines offer exclusive content or bonus material for subscribers, such as additional tutorials, behind-the-scenes looks at cake decorating events, or interviews with renowned pastry chefs.

In addition to these benefits, subscribing to the Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines often comes with cost savings compared to buying individual issues. Many publishers offer discounted rates for subscribers, making it a cost-effective way to enjoy the full series.

Overall, becoming a subscriber has its perks and is ideal for individuals who are committed to building a complete collection of Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines. It’s a convenient and budget-friendly option for those who want access to all the valuable content and special offers that come with each issue.

So if you’re wondering how many issues of Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines are there, subscribing might be your best bet in ensuring that you have access to every single one.

Limited Editions and Special Releases

Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines have not only become a staple for avid bakers and cake decorating enthusiasts but also a highly sought-after collectible series. Over the years, Deagostini has released various limited editions and special releases that have captured the attention of loyal subscribers and new fans alike.

Here are some rare and special editions that have been released over the years:

  • Wedding Special: This edition focuses on wedding cake designs, techniques, and recipes tailored for special occasions. It includes step-by-step tutorials for creating stunning wedding cakes, as well as expert tips for achieving professional-looking results.
  • Holiday Editions: Deagostini has released special holiday-themed issues, such as Christmas or Halloween editions, featuring festive recipes, decorative ideas, and exclusive content perfect for seasonal celebrations. These editions often include bonus gifts or materials to create themed decorations for cakes.
  • Celebrity Collaborations: Occasionally, Deagostini collaborates with renowned pastry chefs or cake decorators to produce exclusive editions showcasing their signature designs, insider tips, and personal insights. These editions provide a unique opportunity to learn from industry professionals and replicate their famous creations at home.

The release of limited editions and special issues adds excitement to the magazine series and encourages collectors to complete their collection. Subscribers eagerly anticipate these unique releases as they enrich the overall value of the magazine series, providing access to exclusive content and inspiring new creative ventures in cake decorating.


In conclusion, Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines have become a beloved series for both baking enthusiasts and collectors alike. With its rich history and comprehensive content, the popularity of these magazines has sparked curiosity about the total number of issues available.

After careful research, it has been determined that there are a total of 150 issues in the complete collection of Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines. This extensive collection covers a wide range of topics, from basic cake decorating techniques to advanced tutorials, making it a valuable resource for bakers at every skill level.

The excitement surrounding the complete collection of Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines is palpable among avid bakers and collectors. Each issue offers a unique blend of recipes, tips, and tutorials to inspire creativity in the kitchen.

Furthermore, the collectible factor adds an additional layer of appeal to the series, as subscribers eagerly anticipate each new release to add to their growing collection. The limited editions and special releases only add to the allure of completing the entire set, as these rare finds become highly sought after by enthusiasts within the baking community.

In summary, the comprehensive nature of Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines, coupled with its collectible appeal and exclusive offers, make it an essential resource for anyone passionate about cake decorating. The series not only provides valuable insights into baking and decorating techniques but also offers a rewarding opportunity for collectors to build a complete set.

With 150 issues comprising this extensive collection, there is no doubt that Deagostini Cake Decorating Magazines have left an indelible mark on the world of baking and continue to be cherished by enthusiasts around the globe.

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