A DIY Craft For All Ages – Great Gift Idea Too!

Those wishing to grow indoor herbs, a sill sanctuary filled with flowers or a simple resting place for healthy, veggie sustenance can bank on this craft-idea to bring joy to their homes or that of loved ones (should you wish to gift it).


Here’s what you need: a drill machine, a store-bought or home-made window box with drainage provided, drainage tray, sand-paper, compost and soil (or mixture bought from a nursery), favorite seasonal flowers, acrylic white and colored paints, overcoat of clear gloss to hold in the colors, a 2 inch paint brush and turpentine.
Method: Rub the sand-paper over the outside of the window box to smoothen out the rough edges; in smooth strokes, apply the base coat of white paint, wait for it to dry fully before applying a second coat.
When completely dry, paint in colored designs you like hearts, leaves, lattice and stripes are some popular choices and wait for the colors to dry before going ahead with the overcoat of clear gloss. Let dry in sunlight overnight.
Fix the painted window box to your chosen spot by the window after machine-drilling holes into it, placing drainage tray and inch-thick layer of pebbles at the bottom, then before covering these with compost and soil mix and sprinkling the plant seeds.
Lavender and Geranium grow well in small areas as do chives, mint and sage.
Whatever plants you choose, take care to water them regularly and treat them with adequate fertilizers (even slow release ones are available, so do find out about these) to keep from withering.
If opting for different varieties of plants, sow the tallest at the back, bushy ones in the middle and trailing kinds towards the front of the window box to give it an aesthetic look thats peachy keen for the outsiders looking in.
(Yeah, you’re sure to have plenty of those too with such a great garden idea decorating your home!)


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