Cake Tips For The Beginner

Cake decorating is not easy. There are lots of things to know and keep in mind, especially when you want to be the belle of the ball at your special event or just simply want to show off your artistic flair in the kitchen. Fortunately, you have a great many resources right at your fingertips, some of which are listed below. Using them will help you make a beautiful cake that everyone will enjoy, no matter who they are served by. Let’s take a look at a few cake tips that will not only make your cake decoration more professional but will also help you serve it with style.

cake tips decorating

First, choose your cake. Whether you decide to decorate a traditional round cake or something much more unique, there are plenty of choices out there. The type of cake is one of the biggest influences on the look and feel of your decorating project. If you have decided to use your own creative talents, you can decorate whatever shape you like; a square cake will look a lot different from a round cake and a cake with different tiers will look different from a simple tier cake. Round cakes look better when decorated with a pattern or with fondant and square cakes look best with frosting or marzipan.

Next, use tips. When decorating a cake, you can use a little or a lot depending on what effect you’re trying to achieve. Some cake tips focus on making the cake as simple as possible. Other cake tips focus on making the cake look like a work of art. A little tip may be all you need to turn an ordinary cake into an absolutely wonderful piece of art, but a lot of cake decorators are willing to spend the money for professional-looking results.

Another one of the cake tips you should keep in mind is to always use the same ingredients. For instance, you will need the same kinds of icing, but if you change the ingredients, the results may be different. Using different icing colors also changes the appearance of your cake. Icing tips are easy to learn, and a person can make mistakes while decorating a cake without even realizing it. Using the same basic colors, and changing the details, can make the cake look more professional.

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The icing used in cake decorating is called fondant. It can be purchased from bake sales or specialty shops, but a homemade version is also easier and less expensive. Preparing your own icing is not difficult, and many people find it an enjoyable project. Homemade icing tips are especially helpful because there are no guidelines as to what to add or what to remove.

If you plan to buy cake decorating tools, consider getting at least one extra set. You will use these in the future. A good idea is to buy a set that has both ends of an icing comb and a small bowl for mixing. Having these items on hand will make icing jobs go by much faster. They will also help eliminate frustrating moments when mixing is hard to do.

Most cake decorating tips focus on the decoration, but few get to the technical side of things. Icing tips should include information on how to handle cake pans and baking sheets so that your work is done right. It may seem intimidating at first but the more you practice, the easier it will become.

Finally, it may be helpful to have someone with you as you learn the tricks. Your friends or family may be impressed with your progress and will be eager to help you. Keep in mind that it takes more than just icing to make a successful cake. Good tips along the way will lead to a creative and beautiful cake.


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