Cake Ideas For Valentine’s Day – Easy to Make Recipes For Your Dream Cake

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Whether you’re looking for birthday cake ideas for your next party or need some creative ideas for your next cookout, I’ve got a few suggestions for you. My boyfriend and I like to have dessert before we eat, so these simple recipes will save you from having to go out to dinner or have too much coffee. Delicious, kid-friendly, easy dessert ideas for any celebration!

Our favorite homemade birthday cake ideas are much more than simply creative they are actually delicious! From whimsical to elegant, from quick, easy flavor touches like chocolate frosting for cupcakes and marshmallow frosting for a cake, there is something here for every taste. From plain white cake with basic chocolate frosting to an extravagant chocolate layered cake with fondant chocolate truffles, from a simple vanilla frosting to a rich, dark chocolate ganache, or even carrot cake, you can find it all at this baker’s website.

Another fun cake decorating idea for a child’s special event is the Rainbow Cake. This fun cake is made by My Kitchen Ideas via parents. After downloading a template, this printer-friendly, easy to use kids’ cake making kit comes complete with over 100+ creative and colorful decorations. The only tools needed are a hot glue gun and a little creativity. Once applied, the rainbow cake can be finished with an easy multicolored frosting that matches the colors of the cake and decorations.

For a more grown up cake topper or decorating idea, you might want to check out The Artful Ansel Adams Cake Topper. This charming cake topper features a realistic American landscape, complete with a mountain and a barn in the background as well as a few perfectly crafted farm animals standing in the foreground. It also has a wonderful view of a full moon on the horizon. If your heart breaks a little when thinking about a natural, free-standing tree in front of a house on a wooded hillside during the wintertime, the Artful Ansel Adams cake topper can solve your decorating needs.

For a fun summertime cake, consider filling a fresh loaf of sourdough with a variety of flavors, then plunking it down on a smooth, flat surface. Place a fresh pack of fruit in each tier, and drizzle some over the top and sides. Use your finger to smooth out the fruit so that it does not stick to the cake. Next, add some lemon wedges and some lemon jam or preserves to help cut through the moist layers. Finish off with a nice thick layer of whipped cream cheese frosting and you have a delicious fruit cake!

Where Can I Buy a Plain Cake to Decorate

Are you looking for some great construction cake ideas? There are many ways to use up leftover cake surfaces after a party. One idea is to make a cake sandwich. Take an uncooked, rectangular layer cake, coat it with pasteurized egg whites, place it on a plate and then take a slice of your other half and flip it over. You now have a fun activity for kids that test their culinary skills!

If you are a brown sugar lover, you may want to try making a moist chocolate cake recipe. All you will need is a plain, brown sugar frosting, and a bit of butter to cook the cake in. Then, gather up a bunch of your favorite flavor combinations, and get recipe information for a few that go great together. Try serving your guests a variety of cakes, and have a great gathering!

Do you need some awesome cake ideas for Valentine’s Day? There are a ton of great ideas for the holiday. Get recipe information, some gorgeous flower arrangements and even some great decorating tips via sugar free icing recipes. Get creative, and let your imagination run wild – you’ll be surprised at just what great cake you can come up with!

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