Cake Decorating – The Art of Making the Perfect Cake

Cake decorating is one among the most popular sugar arts and employs either frosting or icing and other edible cosmetic decorative elements to create more visually attractive cakes. Alternately, cakes are sculpted and molded to look like three-dimensional people, places and objects.

Cake decorating can range from basic designs to elaborate designs such as snowman, spider and princess cakes. Many people who take up cake decorating as a hobby are also able to produce their own customized cakes with a wide selection of decorations. The icing used in cake decoration is considered to be an art form as well. The art form began during Roman times in the form of glazing. This process was carried on by using glaze and then adding decorative stones and metals to the surface of the cake.

Since then there have been different types of glazing techniques developed. In the modern times there are three types of glazing techniques used. These techniques include dry, wet and electric.

Wet glazing involves the use of water or some other liquid substance to create a coating that will be able to resist moisture. A wet cake decorator uses a mixture of water and baking powder and applies this mixture to the cake before applying the icing to it. Then the icing is applied and allowed to set and then the cake is baked.

Dry glazing is quite simple to understand. The wet and dry glaze techniques are applied to the cake and then allowed to set. Next, the cake is baked. The drying process is repeated until all the icing has been applied and the cake is finally baked.

When it comes to cake decorator’s tools and equipment, the most important things are the icing, glazes, rods and pans. A small, portable baking tray that can fit in a kitchen drawer is a good choice because it is lightweight and inexpensive, which makes it easy to transport to various locations and still has the capacity to be used while the cake is being decorated.

Another useful tool is a cake leveler, which is usually handheld and is used to evenly distribute the icing on the cake. It is a very important tool for cake decorators, since they need to be able to accurately level the cake without leaving any spaces between the top and the sides of the cake.

Other tools and supplies that are needed by cake decorators include cookie cutters, spatulas and spatula pads and spatula blades. Also a pair of eyes and a tape measure can help a cake decorator to achieve great results when decorating a cake. For a beginner cake decorator, a set of measuring cups and spoons can provide a starting point as they contain all the necessary ingredients to cut shapes and sizes of cake to decorate with icing and decorate the cake.

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Cake decorating is not that difficult for the experienced cake decorator. There are many books, magazines and online sources available which can help a beginner in decorating a cake. The key to success is planning and preparation, since there are numerous techniques and tips that will ensure a successful cake decorating job.

Cake decorators should have a plan of where they want their decorated cakes to go and how they want the cake to look. This will help them ensure that the cake looks beautiful as well as providing an idea on how they want to decorate each individual portion of the cake.

One of the best ways to attract more cake decorators into one’s business is by taking part in a local cake decorating trade show. This is an ideal way to get information from experienced cake decorators about the different techniques and tips available for cake decorating. and also to interact with other cake decorators who have the same ideas as you do. At a trade show, cake decorators can also meet to exchange ideas.

Since there are many trade shows for cake decorating, the best time to attend one is in the spring, since this is when there are many exhibits being put on and many people attending the trade show to buy and sell products and services. You may be able to even win one of these shows.

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