Cake Decorating Ideas for Weddings

Have you ever thought about cake decorating? If not, then you are missing out on one of the most beautiful desserts there is. These simple decorating techniques result in amazing, Insta-worthy desserts!

Most of us have seen beautiful, delicious cake recipes, and we have probably even tried them at least once in our lives. But why not learn how to decorate your own cake? Half of the fun of baking a homemade cake is being creative with your decorations. There are lots of great cake decorating ideas that can make your case stand out from the rest!

The first thing you will need is a good quality cake decorations DIY kit, such as Buttercream Bountains, Tarts, Cupcakes and Lollipops and Wedding Cake Decorations. Make sure you get all the basic supplies together first before you start shopping around. Don’t forget the special paper you will be using for your decorations, which has to be thick white or cream colored.

Once you have everything that you need, you should begin by cutting the paper into the shape you want. Then cut another piece to cover the entire top of the cake and repeat the process for the sides. Make sure that all the edges are smooth. You may also want to make the edges decorative by painting the sides of the cake with icing.

To frost the cake, you simply need to dip each of the two round ends of your icing into the fondant mix and stick to the cake. Once you have finished decorating, use your hand to cover the edges to make them look like the icing is running around on the cake. This will give your cake an elegant look.

Now that the cake has cooled, it is time to put icing over the decorated portions. This is where the idea of decorating comes in. Using different color and patterned icing, you can create different patterns. Make sure that the icing covers the entire cake before you put it back on the cake stand or table.

Another of the many decorating ideas for cakes is to create small decorations to accent your cake. This is a great way to make a unique cake for an event or for your personal enjoyment.

How to Make Flowers for Cake Decorations

For even more creative cake decorating ideas, you can decorate the cake in the style of flowers, leaves, stars, hearts, angels, and other items. You can use these as your cake centerpiece and add your own personal touch to your design. To make your cake last longer, you may also want to add some edible flowers and candles. You will find plenty of different recipes to choose from when you are searching online but don’t forget to check out some of your local cake decorating store to get ideas for your own cake.

If you have more decorations than you need, you can arrange them in any way you wish. For example, you can create a layered cake with a layer of chocolate frosting to make the cake look like a cupcake.

To make your cake last longer, you can use your fondant icing to cover the cake during the last two layers before you add the decorations. This will help the cake stay looking beautiful longer.

As you decorate your cake, you can also add a decorative border to your cake as well. If you are using colored frosting or flowers as your decoration, it will not only beautify your cake but will also add a splash of color to your wedding colors.

Decorating cakes for your upcoming wedding is not difficult if you plan ahead. With the right supplies, you will be able to have your cake beautifully decorated in no time.

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