A Little Garden in Venice, Italy

little garden

A Little Garden in Venice, Italy

Little Garden is certainly an island in paradise. It is so full of life, so much color, so many varieties of plants and herbs. Because of the cool climate, dinosaurs once again are present there.

The second island on this Grand Line the Straw Hat Pirates also comes. Once they are taken away, this little garden becomes a sanctuary for all types of sea life. And because it is in such close proximity to land, it is teeming with tropical fish. Of course, the star of the show is the legendary pirate Captain Hook.

If you love pirates, the story about how Captain Hook captured Mary Brown will interest you. It is interesting stuff, but I think you should read it first. Anyway, back to the story. Mary and her two maids set sail for a three-week trip to an island now called Malay. While sailing, they encountered a ship full of Chinese Gold! They realized immediately that this gold was not real and not worth the effort of landing there, so they abandoned it.

When they arrived at the island, they found that it was populated by people called the Fortunate Islands. They decided to make a nest for themselves and their new born. There, they began building what we know as the Little Garden. From that day forward, every gardener who visits Little Garden wants to see the garden and take a walk around it.

Today, the Little Garden is filled with plants and herbs. There are exotic species of plants that grow wild here on the island. Some of these herbs can only be found on Little Garden Island. These include, garlic, chives, and thyme, just to name a few.

There are many beautiful statues in the garden. The island has many fountains as well. It also has exotic fish and birds. If you want to feed the fish in the pond, they will provide you with fresh fish.

There are two schools of Swans in the Little Garden. These swans were bred specifically to entertain people on their travels. Once they mastered this, they became quite popular. One day, Swans disappeared from the little garden. It is believed that they were stolen from their owners.

If you visit Little Garden Island, you will see the beautiful plants and flowers, but you will also see two beautiful statues: Buddha and Mother Nature. You can sit and relax under a mango tree, and enjoy the peaceful silence. There is no houseboat or coffee house on Little Garden. There is only the gentle rocking of your boat to listen to the gentle flow of the waves.

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The most amazing part of the island is that it is free of electricity. There is no running water. All the necessities for living can be met by the island’s tourism. The hotel where you stay may be booked up by tourists, but there are other accommodations available. It is a good idea to check with your hotel in advance and make a reservation.

The Little Garden offers a small selection of restaurants. You have the choice of eating at a beach restaurant, an elegant hotel, or a beach cafe. The Little Garden is a true gem. Every visit becomes an experience.

It is said that St. Thomas and his daughter Venice are the closest lovers in the world. Some people say that Venus, the Roman goddess of love, dwells on this island. This island has a tropical climate. The weather is usually hot during the summer months and mild in the winter months.

The Little Garden is only about one square mile in size. It is located on a fabulous island that has twenty-one different species of birds. Some of the plants and flowers are native to this island. There is also a rich history to this little garden. Visitors are always drawn to it because of its idyllic setting and tranquil atmosphere.

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