3 Outdoor Projects That Can Increase Your Home’s Value!

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3 Outdoor Projects That Can Increase Your Home’s Value!

DIY outdoor projects are always a win-win, especially for busy homeowners because they offer a good source of fun exercise and also they help to beautify the house. Need some outdoor inspiration? Check out these seven outdoor projects that you can undertake either on the weekends or after work, in your spare time. Included on this list is a checklist of what you will need and a timetable, too, so that you can slot them into your schedule throughout the summer months. Your outdoor projects should not take longer than a couple of hours each, and should be a lot of fun, too.

Backyard Project: Planting a trellis or lattice to frame a back yard walkway makes an excellent outdoor project, since it is so versatile. You could choose to design a trellis or a lattice that’s decorated with flowers or greenery or you could choose to design one that’s plain and straight. A small bench placed beside the walkway will provide you with a place to sit, and you’ll love the look it adds to your backyard. As an added bonus, the trellis or lattice will provide some privacy from peeping eyes.

Gardening Project: A potting bench is a popular choice for outdoor projects around the house and on the weekends. It’s a multi-utility piece that’s both attractive and functional. Since a potting bench doesn’t have to stand in the open, you’ll get more room in your garden. Plus, a potting bench gives you a place to easily collect rainwater, sort out garden waste, and keep your plants watered.

Backyard Bird Feeders: One of the best ways to attract birds to your garden is to offer them food and water. If you’ve got a nice bird feeder, that’s exactly what you’ll need to attract local birds and squirrels. Offering food and water on outdoor projects around your house is one of the simplest ways to expand your garden’s natural ecosystem.

Gardening and Patios: Another one of the easiest ways to expand your backyard’s eco-system is to plant some seeds for organic gardening and potting. If you’re good at creating and planting your own vegetables, you might think about growing organic produce in a raised garden bed. That way, you won’t have to worry about pesticides or fertilizers, saving you money at the store and making it easier on Mother Earth.

Backyard Bird Feeders: This is another one of the favorite DIY outdoor projects for people who love to entertain. You can create a variety of habitats, like aviaries or nest boxes, that will attract a variety of species of birds. When you put up a bird feeder, you’re also attracting other wildlife and insects to your yard. Some homeowners go so far as to place predator guards or window boxes to deter squirrels from coming near their feeders. Once they’re gone, you have free space in your backyard for all sorts of wildlife.

Add Value to Your Exterior Home With The Right Landscaping Design Ideas

Wood Dining Tables and Chairs: This is one of the most popular DIY outdoor projects, and it’s really easy to do, too. In fact, many people get into woodworking simply because they want a new piece of furniture in their yard. Creating wooden garden benches and tables is one way to expand your garden’s natural ecosystem while adding an element of style. Wood is one of the easiest materials to work with, making it easy to create something stylish that will outlast your garden for years to come. And once you start enjoying the fruits (and benches) of your woodworking, you’ll want to expand your garden’s system even more, building a trellis or gazebo that will also provide additional shelter from the sun and rain.

Wood Pergolas: If you have ever seen a picture or video of a wood pergola, you may have said to yourself that they look like the perfect addition to any yard. While a wood pergola is certainly taller than your average garden trellis, you don’t have to stay inside if you don’t want to. A wood pergola looks great just as it is-open, with a lot of space to spread out. Wood pergolas are very versatile and beautiful additions to any outdoor living space.

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